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Syndicate: Gilles Deleuze's ABC Primer, 1996

[I watched the first three letters of "Gilles Deleuze's ABC Primer"
yesterday -- a series of interviews with Gilles Deleuze, where he's talking
about everything from A to Z. The entire film is eight hours long....
yesterday the Eiszeit Kino showed the letters A - C, where Deleuze is
talking about "animal" (animal), "boisson" (drink), and "culture" (culture)
-- very, very funny and interesting. You can find out more on the site
prepared by Charles J. Stivale -- greetings, Inke]

L'Abecedaire de Gilles Deleuze, avec Claire Parnet
<Gilles Deleuze's ABC Primer, with Claire Parnet>
<Das grosse Alphabet von Gilles Deleuze, mit Claire Parnet>
Regie: Pierre-André Boutang (1996)

Overview prepared by Charles J. Stivale, 
Romance Languages & Literatures, Wayne State University

<The following is the first part of a three-part overview of the eight-hour
series of interviews between Gilles Deleuze and Claire Parnet that were
filmed by Pierre-André Boutang in 1988-1989. Destined to be broadcast only
after Deleuze's death, these interviews were shown with his permission on
the Arte channel between November 1994 and spring 1995, i.e. during the
year prior to his death.

Rather than provide a transcription and translation into English, I try to
provide the main points of the questions posed by Parnet and Deleuze's
responses, and all infelicities and omissions are entirely my responsibility.

A short description of the interview "set": Deleuze is seated in front of a
fireplace over which there is a mirror, and opposite him is Parnet. The
camera is located behind Parnet's left shoulder so that, depending on the
camera focus, she is partially visible from behind and, with a wider focus,
visible in the mirror as well. The production quality is quite good, and in
the three-cassette collection now commercially available, Boutang has
chosen not to remove by editing the jumps between reel changes; rather,
Deleuze cooperates quite patiently with the small breaks in the movement of
the production.>

Prior to starting to discuss the first "letter" of his ABC primer, Deleuze
mentions the premises of this series of interviews: that Parnet and Boutang
have selected the ABC primer format and had indicated to Deleuze what the
themes would be, but not specific questions. He states that answering
questions without having thought about them beforehand is something
inconceivable for him, but that he takes solace in the precondition that
the tapes would be used only after his death. So, this somehow makes him
feel great relief, as if he were a sheet of paper, even some state of pure
spirit. But he also wonders about the value of all this since everyone
knows that a pure spirit is not someone that gives very profound or
intelligent answers to questions posed. 

Start with Part A-F

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