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Syndicate: ifu: alternative economy

[Hello again - I found this on the International Women's University Server
-- I case you're interested, please check for more
information. Please also feel free to pass this on to people who might be
interested. Greetings, Inke]

IFU - International Women's University, 2000

Project Area Work:

We are looking for Practical Women's Projects in Eastern Europe. The
Project Area "Work" is looking for contacts with projects situated within
the alternative economy sector in Eastern Europe. We are particularly
interested in women's projects dedicated to communitarian living and
working arrangements, self-administrated business, community-oriented
business or projects willing to present their concepts within the framework
of the events planned for the Project Area "Work" during ifu's first
semester (July 15 to October 15, 2000). 

Contact: Dr. Margot Poppenhusen 

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