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Syndicate: Drift across Glasgow in November...

New Media Scotland presents

Drift: Acoustic Ecology

Venues across Glasgow, 12,13,14 November

For three days, Glasgow will be the host for 'drift' - an imaginative,
vital and accessible programme of sound art & acoustic ecology based
performance, workshops, installations, soundwalks & talks.

drift involves people who are concerned and committed to caring for the
quality of the acoustic environment through the perspective of their field
or individual situation. People who, if they are creators of sound, are
sensitive to the relationship between their own sound production and the
acoustic environment. drift actively encourages participation and
attendance in all of its events from all age groups and walks of life.

Within the framework of drift, we present an innovative diary of events and
talks that includes:

- Live sound art performances.

- Artist installation works.

- Workshop and discussion areas defining the relationship of sound to art
and how this can be facilitated with new technology.

- Soundwalks in and around the city.

- Soundscape works and sound creation software in a dedicated listening /
computer area.

- The creating and sharing of sound via the Internet and World Wide Web
together with Internet access to Sound Art related sites, sound archives
and experiments.

- A special event with children as the participating artists.

- Encouraging the building of sound sculptures.

A limited pressing CD featuring recordings by featured artists will be
available during drift. A free publication will also be available
containing articles on sound art, acoustic ecology, resources and

For further information and a free programme contact:

New Media Scotland
P.O. Box 25065
Glasgow G1 5YP

Tel: 0141 564 3008

Or browse:

Acoustic Ecology

The study of the relationship between living organisms and their sonic
environment (soundscape), concerned with the state of the world soundscape
as an ecologically balanced entity. Those involved in Acoustic Ecology come
from many different backgrounds. Individuals and organisations alike are
attempting to draw attention to unhealthy imbalances in this relationship,
to improve the acoustic quality of a place wherever possible and to protect
and maintain acoustically balanced soundscapes where they still exist.

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