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Syndicate: e-mail experience phenomenology

Dear friends!
There's a group of young Belgrade filmmakers planning to make a feature DV
movie. A part of the movie will deal with the cyberspace, which should be
designed in a brand new way, unseen on film to date.
You can help us in designing it, by answering the set of questions following.
We are very interested in your experiences in that field.
The questions are:
1. When receiving an e-mail from an unknown sender, do you always have an idea
of that person's physical appearance?
2. If you happen not to have a clue about the sender's physical appearance,
what kind of image is there in front of your very eyes? 
3. Do you imagine the sender in the act of doing something (writing, sitting,
standing, walking), or is he or she just present there in a way, doing nothing
in particular?
4. How do you imagine the room where the sender is situated
(exterior/interior, light/darkness, in a furnished/in an empty room)?
5. Whose voice is the text of the unknown sender's e-mail "spoken" by? Is
there any voice?
6. When reading an e-mail sent by a person you know, what kind of a room do
you usually see him/her situated in?
7. Whose voice tells you the "spoken" text of the email sent by the familiar

Please send your answers to
As the special contributor, your e-mail address will be credited on the film
when released (fall 2000). 

If you want to learn more about the project, and possibly join its friends'
club, please write to

Thank you very much for your patience and good will!
"Jambouroo" film crew, Belgrade

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