porculus on Wed, 20 Oct 1999 22:34:36 +0200

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Syndicate: wc+, andrej , gert, ted, & mes funerailles

Yesterday evening i have a drink with antiorp and andrej in paris in a bar
near frederic's zac99. Andrej is not a soo bad guy you know, cause it's
always him who pay. antiorp is a babe with so big boobs she couldn't type
without mammart! wa!s, and she said she was fired here cause she just said
andreas couldn't make even one arty things with his ass. anyway i am not
here for making trouble, the net is a great famill!, but. But at a time
wc+ said to andrej 'hey andrej, imagine, just imagine, but could you
imagine something.. tried anyway : andrej, tried to imagine.. gert and ted
entering in this bar, and then andrej, would you imagine you paying their
vervain ?' and then, i sew andrej to say in making a bizarre expression
'you know baby, if ted and gert enter righ away in this bar, it would be
just as in syndicate mailing list, no question of imagination blabla, it
would be just gert and ted have followed me as far frederics'99 just i
paid them a drink, otherwise really, you would have to have biggest boobs
than andreas has his ass for understanding that, get it baby ?'

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