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Syndicate: Fwd: day 5 in reverse {zac99}

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>I weigh 72kilos now. it's difficult to sleep, maybe I dream of the talks and people. we chat and eat pastries, they're very sweet. my kids greet me back home. I drive fast on the highway, it's late, my side view mirror is smashed too. I buy algerian pastries from a new shop in belleville where my car is parked. we (pit, diana and martin) are having a drink rue saint-maur and debate the past days and favorite topics like mailing-list moderation (nay!). We leave the museum and decide to keep our badges as forbidden souvenirs. after talking to the french underground comix posse (very nice girl with yellow boots and glasses) we witness fredox doing his presentation of "le dernier cri", he says "what is there to say about a publisher other than that they make books!", the video is playing at the wrong speed no one notices it, but this is why we can't hear the sound. fredox is great fun, he has lots of serigraphed books to show. martin conrads is very seriously fun too. I like his !
new suit. he talks about formats and let's us hear excerpts from convex archives, a tennis match. he greets the brits and it's the turn of josephine berry to tell of crash media, though people (like rachel baker) want also to talk of "revolting" and manchester; josephine  is a cross between medieval hi tech and paesant hipness, jet-lagged. she is tired but it does not show. she says that crash media did not really fulfill its original intentions to be a local (manchester) initiative. during the break kate introduces me to brian holmes, one of those people who are in paris and on the net but that I do not get to meet in the flesh. people come and go. it was matthew fuller who had proposed a break, during which we talk of the small attendance and working with institutions; some attendees say that he did the best presentation they have seen him doing; standing up all the time, the video is playing behind him, the june 18th protest; it did not happen in france; an intense presenta!
tion I believe, he is abrasive and sharp: roman. pauline van mouri
 history of mute magazine in a humourous non-indulgent and bright way; the audience leap at the few issues she has dropped on the desk, including the pink paper early version which I believe to be a collector's item. it was distributed for free initially. the internet connection works. the video works. the sound works. I get lost in my reverse history. when was diana mc carthy on ? I introduce her as <brackets> cyberfeminism </brackets>, she says that she does not understand those words. she talks of the women-only "faces" mailing list. she wants to have a discussion with the audience. josephine had said "a group talking to itself", isn't it always the case ? even if there is an audience. it does not matter much. like fredox having brought his friends. like martin and josephine and the others departing, giving each others big hugs as martin is "on stage". I find this very touching. last week, the net art week-end, I was constantly accompanied by 15-20 people. this week they al!
l scatter in random groups that reform or disband w/o me. I like it when diana's head tilts away and comes back. she is a great joker. where was I ? greeting alain the video technician from the museum, he is very efficient and quiet. I tell him to unplug the webcast appliances. I don't know if they will be here today, the webcasting crew. one guy arrives, late during the talk and summons a guardian which points him directly to matt. they go to the webcast booth together and after a while I see that matt looks puzzled, the other guy very upset. where have all the cables gone ?! who has fucked with his hardware ?! where is nicolas tremblay ?! the curator! I tell him I don't care. I tell him to call alain. I tell him that I interviewed him about "ondes sans frontieres". I tell him that it was published in Mute magazine, this woman is prensenting it right now. Nice, he says, and phones ext. 4039, like I told him. that's where I was. pauline was speaking. diana ? rachel ? josephine!
 ? matt now. he lays beautiful posters from mongrel on the tables 
 upstairs. you can't drink coffee here. can we buy your cable ? it's a quarter to twelve the museum is not opened. the nearest open bar in this posh area of paris is one kilometer away. un double express. I am driving on the highway, side view mirror smashed. I kiss the kids good-bye, nina wanted to come, she is sleeping. I remember I used to weigh 74.5 kilos 10 days ago. we slept late, after the telebocal launch party, after driving on the highway. side view mirror smashed. gotta fix things.
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