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Syndicate: > 50% Beeld with Valie Expor

Press Release Netherlands Media Art Institute Montevideo/Time Based Arts

2 Hoog Achter
> 50% Beeld with Valie Export
October 26, 1999
Beginning 8:00 p.m.

Tuesday evening, October 26, the first installment of > 50% Beeld, the
new series of supplementary programmes organized at and by the
Netherlands Media Institute, takes place. There will be a lot to see,
because as the title indicates (more that 50% images), half of the
evening must be filled with images. That is the only factor which the
installments of > 50% Beeld will have in common; a range of tape
programmes, lectures and performances have been scheduled for the
evenings. Each Tuesday evening after an opening of a new exhibition, >
50% Beeld will provide extra dimensions to that exhibition.

In connection with the exhibition, the first
evening of > 50% Beeld is being devoted to VALIE EXPORT (Linz, 1940). In
the late 1960s and early '70s she caused a great deal of commotion in
the art world. In addition to embodying her feminist principles,
legendary performances like Aus der Mappe der kundigkeit (1969, in
cooperation with Peter Weibel) and Touch Cinema (1968) broke through the
one-directional nature of cinema. Fundamental elements of film, and
later video, were lifted out and partially replaced, in order to
deconstruct the space in front of the film screen and monitor, and to
make the audience both a partner and a participant in the
cinematographic and technological experience. Interest in the overcoding
of the female body, in perception, and in the relation between the
reproduced and produced reality of the machine can still be recognized
in VALIE EXPORT's oeuvre, in which new technologies yield new strategies
for her investigations to follow up. In addition to performances and
films she makes photographic works, works for television and multimedia
installations. VALIE EXPORT is a professor at the Kunsthochschule für
Medien in Cologne. Her work is in various museum collections around the

VALIE EXPORT will herself provide an introduction to her work, during
which the following works will be shown: Remote...remote... (12', 1973),
Invisible Adversaries (113', 1976), Syntagma (18', 1983), A Perfect Pair
(12', 1986), and her CD-Rom Bilder der Berührungen (1988).

The 2 Hoog Achter hall opens at 8:00 p.m.. Entrance NLG 7,50 (5,00 for
students). Reservations are advised: 020 623 7101.

The exhibition runs from October 23 to November
20. The opening is Friday, October 22, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

For more information you can contact Bart Rutten or
Marieke Istha, Netherlands Media Art Institute,
Montevideo/TBA, Keizersgracht 264, 1016 EV, Amsterdam.T +31 (0)20 623
7101 F +31 (0)20 624 4423 E

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