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Title: About Us


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The Advocacy Project is an association of professionals that has two main goals. First, it seeks to help advocates in civil society to use the new information technology in their efforts to promote peace, justice, and respect for human rights. Second, it seeks to disseminate information about the international debate on humanitarian issues to as wide an audience of advocates as possible.

Three reasons why The Advocacy Project is needed:

 The Internet has given civil society a voice, and, in many cases, made it possible to communicate at low cost and without government control. But the possibilities are still largely unrealized -- particularly among those working for human rights and humanitarian principles in countries in crisis or transition.

 The last few years has seen an amazing growth in civic associations, and a corresponding interest among donors in helping them. Yet the catalytic role of advocacy in this process, and the special needs of advocates, are still misunderstood and ignored.

 Grassroots groups are largely excluded from the international debate on human rights and humanitarian issues, even though they are more directly affected. This is due to the general inaccessibility of the UN system, and the weakness of the UN's "public information" services. 

Taken together, these three facts amount to a powerful argument for a new and imaginative information project. We feel that The Advocacy Project addresses this need.