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Syndicate: invitation to join the Culturelink Network - SPECIAL OFFER (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 11:52:53 +0200
From: Aleksandra Uzelac <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: invitation to join the Culturelink Network - SPECIAL OFFER

Dear colleagues,
We have learned about your organisation and we would like to take this
opportunity to invite you to become a member of the Culturelink Network.
Numerous organisations working within the different fields of culture and
arts have joined  our network. We try to provide possibility for our members
to use network as a tool for receiving relevant information for their work,
as well as, a tool for promoting their activities through our review
We would like to invite you to become a member of the Culturelink Network
and thus gain access to the Culturelink Network information resources.
If you would decide, now, to become a member of  the Culturelink Network for
year 2000, we shall reward you with 2 free issues of the Culturelink review
for 1999 (Culturelink review no. 29/November 1999, and Culturelink Special
Issue 1999).

Membership in the Network includes:
- possibilities of collaboration on joint projects (several institutions or
several countries),
- use of the databases (Culturelink Database, Cultural Policy Database)
- subscription to the Culturelink review.

Membership privileges also include possibility to publish data about
members' project in the Culturelink review and possibility of inclusion data
about member institution into the Culturelink Database.

The membership fee is US $20 for individuals, US $50 for institutions and US
$100 for benefactors.
Non-members subscription to the Culturelink review is 30 US$ for individuals
and 75 US$ for institutions.
The Culturelink membership form and information about possible ways of
payment are accessible at Culturelink WWW pages under section Network, as
well as at the end of this e-mail.
Please find enclosed description of the Culturelink Network and its
If you would have any additional questions feel free to contact us or visit
our Web site.
We would be very glad if you would decide to join the Culturelink Network.


Aleksandra Uzelac


Culturelink Network
c/o Institute for International Relations (IMO)
Lj. F. Vukotinovica 2
P.O. Box 303
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: (+385 1) 48 26 522
Fax: (+385 1) 48 28 361



Culturelink, the Network of Networks for Research and Cooperation in
Cultural Development, was established by UNESCO and the Council of Europe in
1989, in Paris, at the Consultation of Representatives of Regional and
Sub-regional Networks for Cultural Development Research and Cooperation. The
Institute for International Relations in Zagreb, Croatia has been the focal
point of the Network since its inception.

The Culturelink Network gathers about 1000 networks and institutions from
107 countries in all parts of the world which deal with and are  interested
in cultural development, cultural policies and cooperation. Culturelink has
proved to be an efficient and unique mechanism in this field  and with its
extensive geographic coverage has become the widest-ranging project of the
World Decade for Cultural Development.

Aims and Activities

The aim of the  Network is to strengthen communication among its members; to
collect, process and disseminate information on world-wide cultural
development, cultural life and policies; and to encourage regional,
interregional and  international joint research projects and cultural
cooperation.  Besides research, activities of the Culturelink network
include development of the Cultural Development Data Bank and publication of
the review Culturelink, Culturelink Directory Series and Culturelink Joint
Publication Series.


The current research programme within the Network entitled  "Contemporary
Civilizational Changes"  includes the "Cultural Policies in UNESCO Member
States" (in which a number of Culturelink members participate) and  study
entitled "Cultural Changes in Central and Eastern European Countries in
Transition" done in cooperation with Culturelink members from Croatia,
Poland and Hungary.

Data bank

The Cultural Development Data Bank, accessible to all members of the
network, consists of the following subsystems:

The Cultural Policy Database  is a  textual database developed as an
integral part of the Cultural Policies in UNESCO Member States  project.
The database is organised as a system of menus that follows the specific
structure of the cultural policy of each country.  This  textual database is
reachable through Internet at Culturelink WWW pages.

The Culturelink Database is a database built to satisfy the needs of the
members of the Culturelink Network and others involved in the field of
cultural development. It contains general information about more than 1000
institutions and networks, and detailed information on some 300 institutions
and networks from all regions of the world, working  in the field of
cultural development, describing their  information infrastructure and
databases, research projects, publications, artistic activities,
international cultural cooperation, etc. The Culturelink Database is a
relational database implemented in Paradox for Windows RDBMS, currently
locally accessible at IMO, and also experimentally accessible via Internet
(from Culturelink WWW pages).
These services complemented and updated on a regular basis, represent a
unique source of information for UNESCO and the Member States.

Culturelink Network runs Documentation Centre for Cultural Development and
Cooperation which holds numerous documents, books and periodicals in the
fields of international cultural development and cultural policies. The
documents in the documentation centre are received from Culturelink members,
UNESCO and Council of Europe.


The Culturelink review, is published in English four times a year, on some
200 pages. It has the task to provide members of the Network with
information on their activities of mutual interest, including networking,
current or planned research projects, research results, reports from and
announcements of meetings and conferences, reviews of publications and
documents. The review is produced on the basis of inputs received from the
members of the Network, UNESCO and the Council of Europe, as well as from
other sources (e.g. international organisations, government agencies,
institutions and individual experts). The Culturelink review is also
reachable from Culturelink WWW pages.

The Culturelink Directory Series publishes directories of institutions and
databases in the field of cultural development. Each directory is a
selective printout from the Culturelink Database and contains information on
institutions and networks in the field of cultural development from around
the world, describing their information infrastructure and databases,
projects, publications, international cultural cooperation, etc. The series
is intended for all those who seek information on cultural development:
researchers, policy makers, and cultural managers. Its objective is to
provide precise and up-to-date information facilitating cooperation and
research in the cultural community and listing links to information
resources in the field.
So far two directories have been published:
The Directory of Institutions and Databases in the Field of Cultural
Development, published in 1995, carrying information on 170 cultural
institutions, their databases, publications, projects, researchers, and
addresses of some 350 cooperating institutions;
The Directory of Institutions and Databases in the Field of Cultural
Development in Central and Eastern Europe, the second publication in the
Culturelink Directory Series, specialised on information about 102 cultural
institutions and networks in Central and Eastern Europe, their publications,
projects, databases, etc.

Culturelink Network also publishes proceedings from the conferences it
organises, so far two proceedings have been published:

Dynamics of Communication and Cultural Change: The Role of Networks,
Proceedings of the First World Culturelink Conference, edited by Biserka
Cvjeticanin, comprise some fifty papers and discussions on cultural change
and the role of networks in processes of exchange of cultural values and in
strengthening international cultural communication. In some way, the volume
summarises the twentieth century with its painful experiences, anxieties and
dilemmas and at the same time opens new planetary vistas into the
twenty-first century and the start of the third millennium.

The Cultural Identity of Central Europe, Proceedings of the conference
Europe of Cultures: Cultural Identity of Central Europe, edited by Nada Svob
-okic, brings 25 papers grouped around four topics: Central Europe: Cultures
and Identities; Cultural Identity in the Perspective of Development and
Transformation; The European Context of  Central Europe; and Cultural

Culturelink Network has organised international conference entitled 'The
Mediterranean: Cultural Identity and Prospects for Intercultural Dialogue'
held in Dubrovnik from 5th to 7th December 1997. Proceedings from the
conference has been published in 1999.

Internet is an important channel for the dissemination of information to
Culturelink members. Culturelink Network is reachable at:

The members are invited to send us their publications and information about
their activities that could be presented in the Culturelink review.


Please, enter/renew my/our membership in the Network of Networks for
Research and Cooperation in Cultural Development and subscription to the
CULTURELINK  review for 2000, with the annual contribution ____ (A, B, C).
A - individuals: US $20
B - institutions: US $50
C - benefactors: US $100

AS A SPECIAL OFFER I shall receive 2 remaining issues of the CULTURELINK
review for 1999 FREE OF CHARGE!

Name:        ______________________________________________________________
Institution: ______________________________________________________________
Address:     ______________________________________________________________
Date: 							Signature:

Possible ways of Culturelink membership fee payment are by check,
bank account or credit card.

 Payment by check payable to:
Institute for International Relations
Lj. F. Vukotinovica 2
P.O. Box 303
10000 Zagreb

 Our account number is:
SAVSKA 60/62
10000 ZAGREB
ACCOUNT NO. 30101-620-16  7026-3205177

The following credit cards are accepted:
(please mark)

Diners Club
American Express

Name Mr./Ms.  ______________________________________________
Address  ___________________________________________________
Town/City  _______________________  Postal Code  ______________
Country  ___________________________________________________
Card No.  ________________________  Card expiry date  ___________
Signature  ________________________


Please print-out this form and mail it to our address together with the
proof of payment.

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