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Syndicate: ISEA-Cartographies

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The General Assembly on New Media Art
Ex-Centris Complex, October 12-14, 1999 
Montreal, Canada 
Day I / Tuesday 12 October 1999
ZONE ZERO : New Media : Before and Beyond 
In 1999, how do we define and approach new artistic practices which fuse different disciplines with technology? What do we mean by electronic art, media art, or even new media? Can we outline these distinctive practices in technological, interdisciplinary, collective, or political terms? What are the emergent contexts, the leading concepts and the key questions that have  been part of the discourses and practices surrounding the media arts in the past twenty years ? 

9h - 10h : Registration

10h - 12h30 : Opening Conferences

* Moderator :	
	- Alain Mongeau,  ISEA / FCMM (Québec)	
A Doctor in Communications, he is currently Director of New Media at Ex-Centris, the Cinema and New Media Complex that opened in the heart of Montreal in June 1999. Since 1997, he is also responsible for the New Media section of the Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM). He was the Program Chair of ISEA95 in Montreal, the Sixth International Symposium on Electronic Art and is currently President of the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts.

* Panelists : 
	 - Sara Diamond, Banff Multimedia Institute (Canada) 
A video artist, curator, critic, teacher and artistic director, she has      represented Canada in various international and national events. She is artistic director of Media and Visual Arts and Executive Producer for television at the Banff Centre for the Arts.
	- Pierre Lévy, UQTR (France/Québec)
He is an author and philosopher who has presented at several hundred public conferences and colloquiums. He has published over one hundred articles, and has written or co-written eleven books. He currently teaches in the department of communications at the University of Québec in Trois-Rivières.

	- Gerfried Stocker,  Ars Electronica (Austria)
Initially a media artist and musician, he  has been working as an independant artist since 1990. In 1991, he founded x-space, a team for the  realization of interdisciplinary projects. Within this framework, he has created installations and performance projects in the field of interaction, robotics and telecommunications. He has been one of the managing directors of the Ars Electronica Centre since 1995. He has been artistic co-director of the Ars Electronica Festival in conjunction with Christine Schöpf since 1996.

14h30 - 17h : European Centres and Models

* Moderator : 
	- Nina Czegledy, ISEA (Canada)
Indepedant media artist, curator and writer, Nina Czegledy divides her time between Canada and Europe. Her latest projects, include Digitized Bodies Art and Biomedicine, were presented at INVENCAO, CAiiA97 and 98 and ISEA98. She is a member of the ISEA Board of directors.

* Panelists :
	- Alex Adriaansens, V2 (Netherlands) 
Active as an artist in the field of media technology until 1994, he is now Director of V2_Organisation and DEAF  (Dutch Electronic Art Festival). Founded in 1981 in Rotterdam,  V2 is a technological arts production centre which organizes symposia,  exhibits, workshops, publications, concerts and performances.

	- Nils Aziosmanoff, Art3000 (France)
A musician and composer, he has worked for both stage and screen and directed the Conservatoire de Musique et de Danse de Jouy en Josas from 1991 to 1997. In 1988, he founded ART 3000, both an interdisciplinary association for exchange and contemplation about digital culture, and a centre supporting artistic creation in the realm of new media.

	- Tiina Erkintalo, AV-arkki (Finland)
Director of AV-arkki, a Finnish media art distribution centre, she has worked in the field of media art since the beginning of the 90's both as a producer and curator of media art programs, exhibitions and festivals in Finland. In 1998 she co-directed the 10th MuuMediaFestival, the only international electronic arts festival in the Nordic countries.

	- Claudia Giannetti, Mecad (Spain)
A media art specialist, writer and curator, she has organized many      cultural events and exhibits. She was professor of Electronic Art at the University of Barcelona (1996-1998), and is now Director of the degree in Electronic Art and Digital Design at ESDI - Escuela Superior de Diseño, Sabadell-Barcelona. She has been director of the new MECAD - Media Centre of Art and Design, Sabadell-Barcelona since 1998. 

	- Peter Ride,  DA2 (United Kingdom)
He is Artistic Director of DA2 - the Digital Arts Development Agency, a new digital arts initiative in the UK which develops new commissions, international exchanges, R&D projects, audience development and curatorial training schemes. He was previously the arts programme co-ordinator at Artec, the Arts Technology Centre, London, and co-ordinator of Channel, an experimental Internet Arts Agency.

5pm to 7pm : Carrefour informel at the Technological Arts Society (SAT)
Presentation of the work of the resident artist, Isabelle Choinière (Corps Indice)
        INFO SAT : 844-2033 / 307 Ste-Catherine West, # 610, Montreal

Day II /  Wednesday 13 October 1999

9h30 to 12h30 : Round-Table 
New Territories to Confront and Redefine
the Field of New Media Art

* Guest curators
	Francine Dagenais and Sylvie Parent (Montréal)

* Moderator :
	Thierry Bardini (Montréal)

* Panelists : 
	- Luc Courchesne (Montréal)
Courchesnes interactive installations, using computer systems, video and spatiality, have been exhibited worldwide since the beginning of the 90's, winning various international awards.
	- Valérie Lamontagne (Montréal)
A freelance art critic, curator and artist, her work is concerned with the loss of innocence and the recuperation of childhood imagery in art. She is presently the Programming Coordinator at Studio XX.

	- Sheryl Kootenhayoo (Calgary)
Involved with media art practices since 1995, she has recently finished the video project Digital Direct in collaboration with EMMEDIA. This work sets a precedent by creating opportunities for rural communities to produce their own videos through a mobile video production system.

	- Catherine Richards (Ottawa)
As a visual artist she produces works integrating new technologies and concerned with the simulation of self. The author of various texts on the subject of technologies, art and the body, she currently teaches at Ottawa University.

	- Thecla Schiphorst (Vancouver)
A choreographer, performer and integrated computer media artist, her multidisciplinary work incorporates interactive art, dance, computer systems and video. She is the  recipient of the 1998 Petro-Canada Award in Media Arts, awarded by the Canada Council.

	- Sheila Urbanoski (Wishart, SK)
She is a  media artist who has received a number of national grants and awards for her work in video, performance and new media. She has a long history with Canadian artist-run access centres and has served as a director on the boards of over thiteen arts and community organizations.

The State of Media Art
Quebecois and Canadian Experiences

14h30 to 17h30 : Round-Table
Interfacing Present Structures with the Challenges 
of Digital Culture

* Moderator:
	 Francine Dagenais (Montréal)

* Panelists : 
	- Brenda Cleniuk, Neutral Ground (Regina)
She has been Neutral Ground's Administrator since 1993, and has been active since 1996 in the creation of SOIL Digital Media Production Suite. She has curated various multidisciplinary projects and is also a performance artist.

	- Marc Fournel, Daïmon (Hull)
Since 1995, Marc Fournel has oriented his activities towards video production. He is currently the coordinator of production programmes and exhibitions at the DAiMON centre for photo, video and multimedia production. 
	- Tom Leonhardt,  (Toronto) 
Since the 80's, Tom has been actively involved in the Toronto media arts scene as a member and Director of several artist   coops. In the past year he has been busy developing Ping, a new server-based artist resource and networking service. He is also  a designer, teacher and cultural producer.

	- Jocelyn Robert,  Avatar (Québec)
An audio and performance artist, he currently works as the director of Avatar, located in the Méduse multidisciplinary centre in Québec City. Its principle mandates is the development of audio art.
     	- Société des arts technologiques (Montréal)
The Technological Arts Society is a research and production  center, dedicated to the development of digital culture. SAT gathers artists, theorists and scientists using new technologies in order to stimulate exchanges and collaborations.

	- Gisèle Trudel, TechnOboro (Montréal)
Gisèle Trudel has been an independent producer since 1985. Strongly implicated in the artist-run network in Québec and Canada, she has been general coordinator at TechnOboro since November, 1997.

18h à 20h :  Cocktail and information session
Canada Arts Council and the Technical University of British Columbia.

Come meet Thecla Schiphorst and Ron Wakkary that will present the TUBC!

Information session on the Media Arts Section and the new Inter-Arts Office at the Canada Arts Council with : David Poole, Head, Media Arts Section, and Claude Schryer, Inter-Arts Officer. The Media Arts Section has recently initiated a New Media Residencies program and the new Inter-Arts Office now offers creation, dissemination and operating grants in three categories :Performance, Interdisciplinary Work and New Artistic Practices. 

20h30 : Performance
 La Mue de l'Ange, the new show by Corps Indice
  La Veillée Theatre, 1371 Ontario East, Montreal
  INFO Corps Indice : (514) 251-8588 
RSVP at Cartographies Registration table

Day III / Thursday 14 October 1999
MOBILE ZONES :  The Challenge of the New Networks

9h30 - 12h30 : Round-Tables

I. Conserving and Archiving Digital Work
Does the ephemeral character of New Media in general, and digital works in particular, offer enough stability for conservation? Is the traditionnal idea of conservation itself an illusion, is it viable and relevant ? What about the available tools and methods ? In this new context, what is the role of institutions such as museums, and how can and do artists intervene ? 

* Moderator : 
	- Petra Mueller (Montréal)
A graduate in Fine Arts from Emliy Carr College of Arts and Design in Vancouver, she is currently completing a doctorate in the Dept. of Communications at Concordia University. She has worked as a film archivist at the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

* Panelists : 	
	- Alain Depocas (Montréal)
He is head of the Centre for Research and Documentation at the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology. Before assuming this position, he was documentalist at the Mediatheque at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal for 8 years. 

	- Steve Dietz (Minneapolis, USA)
He is Director of New Media Initiatives at the Walker Art Center where he is also responsible for programming the online "Gallery 9". He is the principal of YProductions, which works with museums to architect digitally-based cultural programming.

	- Robbin Murphy (New-York, USA)
He is an artist, writer and co-founder of, a network of artsists who explore the possibilities of new media in the practice of art.

	- Virginie Pringuet, collectif D.A.T.A (Montréal)
Formed a year ago, the D.A.T.A. collective combines universes, experiences, multidisiciplinary and complementary approaches around common interests such as memory, the fragility of traces and cultural imprints in the realm of new media, and more generally, the archaeo-logy of media.

II. Research and Innovation
Discourses that call for new models of collaboration between art, education, industry and the state are proliferating at the same pace that technology infiltrates all economic and social areas of activity, that access is defined by the speed of the      connection, that market is deregulated, that mass media become "new media", and that artistic research requires new modes of action. What are the cultural initiatives in new media? 

* Moderator : 
	- Michael Century, McGill University (Montréal)
Long associated with The Banff Centre for the Arts, Century founded the Centre's Media Arts Division in 1988. He has contributed to the cultural scene in Canada and internationally as a specialist in art and technology, educational administrator, lecturer, writer, musical performer and composer, and software researcher. 

* Panelists : 
	- Charles Halary, UQAM (Montréal)
He is Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Québec in Montréal. His work examines worldwide academic networks which structure the flow of intellectuals, scientists and artists involved in research and training. 

	- Francine Lecours, Canadian Heritage (Ottawa/Hull)
She is a policy analyst within the Arts Policy Branch at the Ministry of Canadian Hertitage. She has been working on cultural policy for close to 10 years, notably in the last few years on questions related to the arts and new technologies.

	- Kathy Rae Huffman, ISEA/RPI  (Troy, USA)
She is Associate Professor at Renssaeler Polytechnic Institute's Department of Art, where she directs the undergraduat program EMAC (Electronic Media Arts and Communication). She is a freelance curator, writer and online networker. 

	- Bill Vorn, Concordia University (Montréal)
Since 1992, he has worked in the field of electronic art on interactive robotic projects that have been presented worldwide. He currently teaches New Media at Concordia University.
	- Ron Wakkary, TUBC (Surrey/Vancouver)
He is a multimedia artist, interface designer and web database developer. Director and cofounder of Stadium@Dia, he is currently an asso-ciate professor in Interactive Arts at the Technical University of British Columbia in Surrey,  

14h30 - 15h30 : Closing Words

16h - 18h :  Annual General Meeting of ISEA members (office # 305)

A production of ISEA/ Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts in collaboration with the Montreal Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM). With the support of The Canada Council for the Arts, Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec, Canadian Heritage, Office franco-quebecois pour la jeunesse and Ex-Centris Complex.

$100/3 day package or $35/day
ISEA Members: $75/3 day package or $25/day


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