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Syndicate: manifesta 3 statemen

From: "Manifesta 3" <>

Subject: manifesta 3 statement
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 12:41:27 +0200

Dear friends,
I am sending you here the text entitled Borderline Syndrome - Energies =
Defence. It was written by the curators of Manifesta 3 as the inital
statement for the process of developing Manifesta 3 as a process of
dialogue and discussion. In this statement, he curators tried to =
some of the issues they find urgent and decisive for European art, but =
culture in general, economy, society etc. It is also an invitation to
everyone interested (artists, curators, critics, but also people =
in architecture, film, theatre, music, philosophy, social sciences, =
sciences, politics, etc.) to respond to it in any way (texts, proposal,
picture etc.) A selection of these responses will be published in a book
which will be a part of the Manifesta 3 project.
We are inviting you to send us your comments and ideas on this =
and the issues it addresses. Also, we are asking to help us forward this
texts to all the people you think might be interested in it.
Best wishes,
Igor Zabel
Manifesta 3
Cankarjev dom
Presernova 10
SLO-1000 Ljubljana
phone: (+386 61) 1767143, 210956
fax: (+386 61) 217431
Energies of Defence
Do you suffer from a borderline syndrome?
Where do Y O U draw the line?
Art, science, technology, culture: in all of these territories there is =
increasing demand for openness. Traffic between them is intense. At the
same time, borders remain necessary to keep a grip, to define identity, =
deepen understanding. If there is a tendency to level culture =
to explore the surface, there is an equal and opposing tendency to =
the 'vertical', to ground it in a specific value.
A parallel to the geopolitical situation in Europe might be drawn. In a
world where globalisation and regionalisation go hand in hand, where the
universality of capital is contradicted by the emergence of national,
ethnic, provincial and other exclusionary values, of course it is not =
culture that deals with the ambiguities of territory. It is a political
issue, a social one. It is the character of global culture at large.
Protection from political, economic and cultural homogenisation seems to =
a fundamental concern of our time.
Manifesta 3 will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is a place on the
border of Fortress Europe. It is 'former Eastern Europe', it aims to be
Western. It is close to ethnic turmoil, yet refined in its =
It is off the centre, it is the centre - depending on where one stands.
Manifesta 3 should explore the paradoxes of borderlining and strategies =
protection. It positions itself at the crossing point of art and society =
a challenging place. An art exhibition in this context, under these
conditions, is not another show to be visited. It is also a trajectory =
thought, speech and action. Not simply a place to be, but a process to
engage with.
Manifesta 3 invites Y O U to rethink your field of activities and its
cultural effect. Before the exhibition takes place in the summer of the
year 2000, a process will be set in motion which allows for dialogue =
the value and meaning of 'protection'. Francesco Bonami, Ole Bouman, =
Hlavajov=E1, Kathrin Rhomberg, curators of Manifesta 3, invite you to
contribute your ideas and develop insights into the paradoxes of
transgression and mechanisms of defence as key issues of European =
Don't ask what Europe can do for you; ask what you can do for Europe!
Ideas (images, statements, diagrams etc.) are welcome. Suitable =
will be published in the Manifesta 3 Book.
Deadline: 1st of January 2000
Texts should be no longer than 2.000 words max. Images on slides must be
accompanied with the necessary data.
Francesco Bonami, Ole Bouman, M=E1ria Hlavajov=E1, Kathrin Rhomberg
Note: The organisers reserve the right to exercise full editorial =
over materials submitted to them, within the framework of Manifesta 3. =
such material becomes the property of Manifesta. Copyright rests jointly
with the authors of the material and the organisers of Manifesta.
Contact address:
Manifesta 3, Cankarjev dom, Pre{ernova 10, SLO-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
phone: (+386 61) 1767143, 210956, fax: (+386 61) 217431

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