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Syndicate: V2_ is seeking a project manager

V2_Organisation Rotterdam is looking for a

Project Manager

for the preparatory phase (Oct. 99 - March 2000) of V2_'s participation in
the programme of Rotterdam Cultural Capital of Europe 2001.

* V2_ in 2001
V2_, the 'Institute for the Unstable Media' based in the centre of
Rotterdam, is planning a diverse programme of in-door exhibitions, projects
in urban spaces, performances, symposia, workshops, etc., focussed around
the theme of 'Urban Tendencies'. Urban Tendencies describes the city as an
aggregate of flows and transformations and investigates the influence that
digital and network technologies are having on the city as a local,
translocal and global system. The programme will include art and related
projects for a range of audiences, from accidental visitors of the city and
people with a general interest in media art, to specialists from the fields
of art, science, architecture, and other disciplines.
This programme will be developed in cooperation with a variety of local,
national and international partner organisations and is designed to confirm
V2_'s role as a leading art, culture and research centres for digital media
in the Netherlands and beyond.

* Tasks of the Project Manager
In the first phase (October 99 - March 2000), the Project Manager will have
to develop an inventory of the projects already envisaged, research further
projects, and draw up pre-production and budgetary plans. This work will be
done in close cooperation with the team of people working at V2_.

* Expectations
Candidates should be versed in issues relating to new media culture, media
art, and cultural management. They should communicate well and enjoy
working with computers, telephones, and people. Experience with the
production of media (art) projects is important, basic technical knowledge
helps a lot. A good working knowledge (written and spoken) of English is
essential, Dutch would be favourable, other languages (esp. German and
French) are welcome. A significant part of the work will require presence
in the V2_ offices in Rotterdam.

* We offer ...
Initially, a full-time post (38,5 hrs/week) for 6 months (October 99 -
March 2000), with the option to continue the cooperation into the next two
phases (4/00-12/00, 1/01-12/01). Salary is negotiable and depends on skills
and experiences but will probably be easier to accept for enthusiasts.

Please, send an informal application with your CV and a statement about
your motivation for the job to: V2_Organisation, Alex Adriaansens,
Eendrachtsstr.10, 3012 XL Rotterdam, fax +31-10-2067271, e-mail
<>. Release date of this advertisement is 5 October 1999, the
deadline for application is 31 October 1999. As we want to hire somebody as
soon as possible, applications will be considered immediately.

For further information about V2_, check the website, or
contact us at the above address.

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