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Syndicate: New TV stations in Kosovo and Serbia

>Nezavisna TV plan to start:  (Satelit-TV-Video) A new Independent TV
>(Nezavisna TV) station will be launched in Pristina, Kosovo on 1 September.
>The founder of the station is the European broadcasting Union (EBU), whose
>secretary general Jean-Bernard Munch announced that the new TV station
>would air two hours of programs daily - news, commercial programs and
>sports. The entire program will be broadcast over the EUTELSAT W2 satellite
>at 16 degrees East.
>New tv from Yugoslavia: (Satelit-TV-Video) A new satellite channel named
>Televizija Jugoslavija, on AMOS 1, will be launched soon - maybe in Septem-
>ber. The new channel, that was originally going to be named RTJ (Radio-Te-
>levizija Jugoslavija) will be aired from a digital transponder 11.421 Ghz h
>(SR 3440, FEC 3/4). The founder of the new service is the Yugoslav Federal 
>government which will also finance the new channel from the federal budget.
>Televizija Jugoslavija will be aired around the clock and will include 6
>hours of in-house production (news, documentaries and culture programs).
>The channel will be rebroadcast terrestrialy, over a large transmitter net-
>work, so the station will be present in 85% of the Yugoslav territory al-
>ready in the first stage of the project.

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