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Syndicate: CNN: reactions and cosequences

	I would like to point just this:

	Why should someone believe that CNN is lying about what happened in
Kosovo, or about what is going on on Timor....   I have to say that here in
Ecuador the better way to be receive some kind of information about what
happens in Europe, Asia or other places,  is watiching the CNN news or the
CNBC news.

Since I have watched the news about Kosovo (at the time when war was up) I
can say that the information I had was very close to what really happened.
Specially when I read some e-mails posted in this list and others from
people that was in Kosovo at that time (and now, of course).

I understand that CNN and other  companies maybe have some political
interests.... but who is free of ideology? If someone tells me what
happened in Kosovo and I find that is different from other news, it will be
my responsability to find out what really happened. But that not means that
someone is lying to me. 

	About Kosovo,  I have to say that I thought that  much more than 11000
people was killed. 
At the CNN news they never gave us a definite date about how many people
was killed.
I know very little (if not nothing) about the Kosovo problem, but what I
know (that come from the CNN information) is very close from what people
wrote on this list.

....Well, I was just wondering.... Sorry if I'm "loosing the point"


Damian Toro

Independent Artists

TeleFax.: 593-2-898289 / 897972

Po Box.: 17-07-8983
Quito - Ecuador-

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