Mihajlo Acimovic on Thu, 30 Sep 1999 16:21:02 +0100

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Syndicate: Re: Gordan

>this is the XXXXX time that your are bitching B92 (i.e B2-92) - with no 
>single proof for your words.

I haven't bitched about B92 for a long time. I usually bitch about what their sponsors are doing. Was the "sorry sorry sorry" email enough? Want more proof? I can mail it.

 i know it is very fashionable these days but 
>you have crossed the line of decency long time ago.


>i've stood still, reading your frustrations for months, 

Good to know people read it.

but not all the 
>followers of this list realize what bunch of non-sense you are pouring here 
>for months.

Tell me, please? I want to know what kind of non-sence I had been pouring out here for months.

>or maybe serbian secret police has finally heard of syndicate, nettime etc. 
>your letters sounds exactly like they are made by the same ghost-writers as 
>those that have been read in the central RTS news for 10 years. no single 
>word of difference between your remarks on B2-92, the same language and the 
>same arguments. good work then!

Ok, I will not hold this mail against you, for you do not know me. I have not been employed by them, yet, and I don't think they can appreciate my value enough. They would have to offer me more than they are ready to. A friend of mine was offered to do internet surveillance from his home. No special machines, just to be on the mailing lists and discussion forums and collect information. He refused. There are some people that we both know, I think, so maybe you could ask them if I am a ghost-writer. Besides, as you damn well know, their letters have no resemblence to mine, except that they alegedly dislike the funders of B92. I really dislike the funders of B92, but for completely other reasons.
No ghost-writer for Milosevic would write that Soros people are in good relations with his people, as I did. His propaganda is that Soros is an expositure of the CIA, trying to topple his government, e.g. an enemy.
Of course, according to the constitution, he would have to cut the funding line of this "enemy", but who gives a damn about the constitution, right? That is not the only thing in which my language differs from that of the RTS, but I think it should be enough. Another cruscial thing is that no ghost-writer for Milosevic has ever had such a stance toward Milosevic like I have. Therefore, if you really had read my postings, it would seem to me that you are making false accusations. 
Or maybe you just haven't read them. Maybe. 
If you are still holding this viewpoint, I challenge you to prove it. Quote me, please. Where is my language the same?



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