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Syndicate: AFC rally in Ruma & Arkadija press release

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 14:23:00 +0100
From: "Mihajlo Acimovic" <>
Subject: AFC rally in Ruma & Arkadija press release

Original txt by Igor from Ruma. Translated by me.

Yesterday, Tuesday, 28th, 1999., there was a rally of the Alliance For
Change (AFC) in the city of Ruma. About 250 people participated. In the
"mass" was an SPS state MP, from Ruma and two other SPS members, who kept
yelling "Nato treason!" during the entire rally. When he was offered to
take a microphone and say what he wants, he started swearing. In the end, a
woman hit him with an umbrella, as far as I could see from my window.
Maybe the AFC people, if they ever come to power, which I doubt, will
change the square names from 7th of Yuly and Zikica Jovanovic to
yesterday's date and the name of this elder lady. Otherwise, I think that
the AFC has convincingly the worst speakers and their membership is
horrible. They are so unconvincing that it's unbearable. I don't know if
those Americans are normal (what a stupid question! - author's remark),
when they are giving them money. 

Did anybody watch Dnevnik 2 yesterday (same date)?
They published a press release of the association of homosexuals
"Arkadija", from Belgrade (their president is from Pancevo but he lives in
Belgrade now - translator), supporting the AFC's rallies. They probably
published it because they wanted to cause disgust for the AFC in every
macho male. 
explanation - Dnevnik 2 is the prime news show of the Radio-Television of

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