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Syndicate: U$ attack on Belgrade + moral skitzophrenia


While the "opposition leaders" in Serbia announce their plan for road blocks and strikes, participants of their demonstrations shout "Long live NATO!!!", in front of the RTS (Radio-Television of Serbia) building. Andrej Grubacic asked one of the people that were shouting about what hapened to the people killed in the bombing and what about the Dragisa Misovic hospital in Belgrade, which was hit by a NATO missile. She replied that the government shouldn't had put soldiers there (meaning it is the government's fault)


The Soros corporation has completely stopped funding cultural projects. Now, they only give money for politics. B2-92 is under the heaviest fascist censorship of news and other programmes that it has ever suffered. The real censorship is comming not from Milosevic's regime, but from a Holandese corporation and the Soros foundation. George Balasevic (Pop singer, UN goodwill ambasador in Yugoslavia) has stated in an interview to "Svijet", from Sarajevo, that the bombing of Yugoslavia "was justice from god, because the war went back to where it came from". I am not sure that his neighbours in Novi Sad, especially the ones living near the refinery and bridges and those whose children had been killed, would agree with this statement. Confusion and moral skitzophrenia dominate the Serbia of today. 
The possible results of a change of government are constant electricity and water, maybe renewal of some wrecked cities, 
maybe, but unlikely some foreign investments and little state investment into culture (instead of none)...
Also to expect would be a much stronger censorship than under Milosevic, killing or long imprisonment of political opponents (meaning social activists, not "opposition" politicians), instead of beating or short imprisonment under Milosevic. 
The media would make long laments over the fall of communism.
Whoever fights for social justice would be declared as a "supporter of the restauration of communism" (instead of "foreign mercenary" under Milosevic). 
If the government changes, Yugoslavia will probably enter the closed circle of Eastern European non-democracies, where there is no noraml health insurance, wages are a dollar per day, prices grow rapidly and social insurance and free education don't exist, where privatisation includes hospitals and prisons and mafia and new buisinessmen rule. A lot has already become so, under Milosevic's rule. 
Differences between these two possible governments exist, but only in shades
Of a very dark colour...
Thanx to Andrej Grubacic. I just translated some of his words into parts of this txt.
Mihajlo Acimovic

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