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Syndicate: Tr: make close shaving not pro

have you already noticed how forward message take special aura
i don't know exactly what kind exactly, sometimes bad one sometimes good
so i forward mine, for analyse
hum..wait and see

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De : porculus <porculus@wanadoo.fr>
Ã? : <7-11@mila.ljudmila.org>
Envoyé : lundi 27 septembre 1999 15:40
Objet : make close shaving not project

> you have heard about orgone of wilhelm reich and about noosphère of
> teilhard de chardin, which are avatar of sex ray in flesh gordon and a
> copy of positive backfire clear lux force of the scientologist star war,
> my kolossal project is to murge with a third one, the jerky fields. i
> localised a sheer virtual lens of idiocy that can concnetrate it : yes a
> web site. and soon i would be able to levitate anybody here and to
> or double penetrate this anyone anywhere on the earth if your taste at
> this moment and in this place would be simple or double: yes you could
> chose. cause of course i could kick your ass if you don't. or shave your
> pussy if you have it, and, even, give you a pussy if you haven't !
> an hairy one otherwise how could  i shave it !? you would see, it
> hurt). brief my project is to make the eden down this earth, and to make
> of you, everyone, my clean shaven flying angels.
> could it be possible to form better project down the age on the net ? of
> course not.

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