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Syndicate: [x-00] call for projects

Lorient / FR
March 13th-19th 2000

[open topics]
Which location for human being in cyberspace ?
Rising artistic practices on  digital communication networks.
The focus will be especially set on the connections of physical public
locations and Internet's streaming flux of data. Moreover, emphasis will be
put on transdisciplinarity within Art and Technology.

The festival itself is being "worked in progress" on the Internet.
You can follow the process and contribute to the development of the issues
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1. Installations / Devices
- x-position
- Galerie Le Lieu [Art galery]
- March 16th- April 9th 2000

What can be considered as a commitment on the Internet ?
How can it be translocalised in a physical public exhibition space ?

Installations / Devices are expected to deal with this noticeable duality
between a network activity (global) and its transposition / extension as an
exhibition in a galery (local).

2. "Network Interface" : call for projects
- Mediatheque de Lorient [Lorient's Digital Library]
- March 13th-19th 2000

"Network Interface" is a call for projects for an hybrid public space. In
this case, the public space is Lorient's digital library which has 20
connected Pcs at the disposal of the audience.
Therefore, the selected project will have to connect its online reality
with this determined public access although remaining of course autonomous
of this physical location.
The online proposal can be extended by an installation* or by a punctual
performance in the digital library's auditorium (screening facilities).

* Installation/device will be located in the digital library 's entrance
and should consider contingencies such as :
audience comings and goings, many people passing through (not necessarily
involved in New Technologies), strong daylight, necessarily silent devices
(or headphones).

Furthermore, the digital library's training space will offer access to the
websites and CD ROMs selected for the festival with 12 connected PCs .

3. Workshop
- Maison de l'Etudiant [House of students]
- March 13th- 19th 2000
The House of students  will host a public workshop set up by a group of
artists. (6 connected PC)
This workshop will be the opportunity for this selected group to develop an
online activity project focused on communication and data exchange
(extensive use of e-mail / mailing list/ irc...).

4.  Conferences / lectures / performances
- U.B.S [University of South Britanny]
- March 17th-18th 2000

Two days of conferences to explore transdisciplinarity between research
fields and possible actions using the digital networks.
Conferences / lectures  can be processed by various medias to renew the
traditionnal conference format (ie : device and/or performance).

// application forms  :
deadline : Nov 30th 1999

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