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Syndicate: mailradek no. 21 (Larisa Shiptsova's letter)

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This letter was written by Larisa Shiptsova-Romanova shortly after she had
been sentenced. The latest news from Krasnodar: Larisa is free. Comrades
from Krasnodar report: "one of the judges who took part in the cassational
trial on regional level, has expressed his own opinion and sent a complaint
to regional court presidium. The latter accepted it. The Presidium cancelled
the verdict of 20 July by administering punishment not connected with
imprisoning. That means a suspended sentence: It's still hard to say who has
rendered such a service. The lawyer says: "We do work". But that can be also
a FSB intrigue, or maybe, in fact, the objectivity of one of the judges from
the Presidium or something else. Anyway, we hope that it's not a false
report and Larisa will soon meet her kinsfolk, friends and comrades in arms.
And her little daughter will soon see the world as it is for the first time.
Hi to my dear friends and all people who feel worried about the "Krasnodar
epopee". I'm writing after a show performed by the court which resulted in
my imprisonment. Since the court session was open, many people could watch
the case disintegrating - all their fake evidences were clearly seen.
Nepshikuyev had changed his testimonial statements again (now he refuses the
fact that he intended to blow up Kondrat's office - he wanted just to blow
something up, for fun); Randina, who was transferred to witnesses, claims to
have received some parcel (containing those damned grenades) at my place
from some people whom she doesn't remember since she was in state of
intoxication, and I (Larisa) was asleep at that time; witness Platonov has
testified the fact of oppression brought upon him by FSB and judge Osipenko:
and things of the kind. Material evidences from my apartment were also
produced: soldering irons, wires, a dirty finger-size empty can - the very
can from which the dreaded experts have managed to get 2 grammes of
explosive materials (they must have scraped it): I'm not going to describe
all that fuss - let the eye-witnesses do that - the Muscovites and
Krasnodarians who came to support me.
I also had many and not always pleasant contacts with the media. At first I
didn't want that, but FSB continued to badger my family even after the end
of the trial: threatening my mother and step-father, searching my relatives,
trying to falsely charge my husband Ilya Romanov, interrogating and tracing
my lawyer Markelov. At the same time, just as I expected, the secret police
began searching through the leftist radicals. I only established contacts
with the media because these rascals are like roaches hiding in their holes
in the light, and i wanted to denounce FSB, their ways and also to show that
there's something in the world that they cannot either crush or suppress.
Moreover, i openly proclaimed my anarcho-communist ideas. In the freedom,
together with other materials about the <Krasnodar case> gathered by me, all
these things are presented in the rough copy of my last word. I hope that
the people who possess these papers will publish it together with this
The "just and democratic" result was my 4 years sentence, and 3 years for
Nepshikuyev. By the way, here's a good lesson for all the future
"nepshikuyevs" actively cooperating with court. What about me, i'm pretty
fed up with my relatives' tears and liberal-democratic snivel. I have to
survive both physically and morally, thus fighting on.
Then i had to spend some hours in the escort truck outside the jailhouse -
the prison authorities didn't want me, because, according to the law, they
cannot take pregnant women after 28 weeks (i had 32 at the moment). The
escort was already going to take me to 1st department, and then to
Ust-Labinsk to Camp 3. I liked that, for i couldn't even think of returning
to the jailhouse. But suddenly some important Krasnodarian man - colonel
Afanasiev - called and by personal order made the doctors take me to the
temporary investigation cell, directly violating the law. So now I'm writing
from the jailhouse infirmary. At first I had some confrontation with the
cell inspector, but then it all settled up in a few days - I try not to
quarrel, but neither I let oppress me. Now i'm occupying a good place - the
lower berth near the table. My comrades had aided by the third day, so i'm
quite accustomed now. Our cell is a transit one, so we don't have much time
to sleep, we receive and send jail-mail: letters and parcels between cells
and buildings. There's a crazy woman in our cell, she's in a constant
hysterics, she's urinating uncontrollably and stays awake for two days in a
row. We all have trouble with her. Most of my cellmates are having their
second sentence, so we're keeping the cell in order; there are no lesbians,
we guard the cell and contribute our belongings to the common stock. The
life is more free, compared to FSB penitentiaries - food is easy to get, we
communicate through the personnel (prisoners who perform small services for
keeping the jailhouse). The men support us a little by sending tea,
cigarettes and candies. But at the same time i see people disintegrating of
cancer, gangrene, sepsis. There are no remedies, and the local doctors can't
even take a blood sample. Outing walks are 20-30 minutes long, the people
are choking in their cells.
The media, cops and politicians describe those who are imprisoned as
marginal elements and criminals, and the pseudo-leftist weenies call them
lumpens. But they are our people - humiliated and oppressed. All the workers
whom they deprived of their rights, work, wages; and thus they are forced to
commit small crimes to feed their families, their kids. Yes, the rules of
life here are hard, and even cruel, but there is also real mutual aid - when
people give their medicines to those who feel even worse and those who have
nothing; when they altogether declare a boycott against the authorities'
illegal treatment etc. But those who don't care about their people, who
doesn't know about their needs and sorrows, will never fell the class hatred
and the necessity of revolutionary violence. Aesthetes refined and fed by
authorities can only declare abstract humanism and personal rights without
even understanding what it is, and without knowing that there will be
constant humiliation and oppression, until the system of state terrorizing.
But it is impossible to bring down the system without physical extermination
of those who support this system: politicians, cops and other scum, who will
never give away the power at will. I'm writing these lines - not just
writing, i suffered it - the terror that is brought by anyone possessing
power to any common man.
I perfectly understand that these ideas can only be supported by the
minority, even among the leftists; moreover, even those who perform "leftist
protection" do think of me as of someone suffering the complex of
inferiority; the others even call me a provocateur among "normal" leftists.
Let them be - i follow my own way, i hope that the leftists are going to
have some social roots sometime, and there will be more and more people,
whose life and fate are unbreakably connected both to social revolutionary
processes and to their own people.
I hope that the letter will be published together with the last word,
partially if necessary. I also want my second letter from the FSB
investigation cell to be published together with the large article.

Revolutionary hails from Larisa Romanova
      translation: Alexey Kovalev

INFO: The last mailradek told about the arrest of the Anti-nuclear campaign
director Vladimir Slivyak. it's known, the militioners who refused to call
their names were forcing him to tell where is Jacov Kochkarev, who was a
defense's witness during the "Krasnodar case". Kochkarev (who was at
Slivyak's when the latter got arrested) was taken the same day. He's still
imprisoned and is accused in transporting drugs. We definitely know, he
didn't have any, and suppose the cops gave him the same marijuana package
which they promised to "find" in Slivyak's bag. FSB which is investigating
the latest explosions at Moscow was, probably, trying to work out several
versions, so Pimenov first, and than Slivyak and Kochkarev were the victims
of such "work". This all makes even the news about the "real" Tchetchen
terrorsists successfully "found" very doubtful.
    The Russian Helsinki group of human rights defense is gonna pay for the
Kochkarev's lawyer's work. Slivyak plans to provoke a case against the
militioners who tried to arrest him.

Dmitrii Pimenov and Avdei Ter-Oganyan are in Prague, they're going to look
for a political asyl. The personal site of Dmitrii Pimenov has been deleted
by the personal order of internet provider <zenon>'s director .

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