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Syndicate: Hands-on VRML Workshop

SEAFair '99
e-FUSION: Hands-on VRML Workshop
23.09. - 30.09. Hotel Granit, Ohrid, Macedonia
Workshop Instructor: 	Darko Disovski
Workshop Assistants: 	Goran Slakeski and Aleksandar Kolov

Twenty one artists from Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Moldova, Estonia,
Ukraine, Azerbeidzan are participating in the workshop
Hands-on VRML/Web3D which represents the initial stage of SEAFair '99.
(The Web 3D series workshop has already a 3 years old history and has
been initiated in collaboration with VAN GOGH TV.)

The workshop serves as a theoretical and practical introduction in the
VRML language and investigates the development of concepts for work in
VR through practical demonstration of the basics of the modelling, textures,
bases of 3D animation and audio support, and creation of VRML worlds.

Melentie Pandilovski
Contemporary Art Center - Skopje
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