Melentie Pandilovski on Fri, 24 Sep 1999 15:33:01 +0200

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Syndicate: Internet Performan

In the period September  25-28 in the premises of the Museum of the City
of Skopje two workshops  will take place on the theme: 
"Technology in Perfomance" & " Life Internet Performance Structure" (LIPS).
The leader of these workshops will be Cathy Weis/ USA, coreographer and
video- artist.

The organizers of this workshops are: 
NOVA Produkcija.

12 artists will take part on this seminar from the field of video-art, dance,
theater, and music in Macedonia, which were selected by  Cathy Weis. 
The others who are interested will be able to passively attend the

Melentie Pandilovski
Contemporary Art Center - Skopje
Orce Nikolov 109, Skopje

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