Andreas Broeckmann on Thu, 23 Sep 1999 12:01:34 +0100

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Syndicate: After All - Syndicate meeting in Stockholm

> is there going to be a syndicate meeting in  stockholm?
> and if yes is anybody taking care of organizing it

some of these questions were answered in a message i sent
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 17:00:06 +0100
Subject: Syndicate: After All ... the Stockholm meeting
(see below)

here's the current state of things as far as i can see:

Cecilia Dahlback <> is trying to arrange some beds
for syndicalists in stockholm for the weekend 14-17 oct. as far as i know
at this moment, only four people (Zoran Eric, Frederic Madre, Andreas
Broeckmann, Edi Muka) have requested this help. i'm waiting for
confirmation on this from Cecilia.

* if you live in stockholm and you can *offer* accommodation, please, get
in touch and say how many people you could take, whether they need to bring
sleeping bags, etc.; also, suggestions for other cheap or free
accommodation in stockholm will be welcome.

the principle of the Syndicate meeting is as always - those syndicalists
who are around get together and talk for a few hours about current issues
and upcoming projects; this always very much depends on the composition of
the group that meets. the new reader should be ready by this time, and
there will also be people going to the Balkania/TEMP workshop in Helsinki
the following week, so we can for instance discuss the establishment of the
Syndicate embassy in Balkania ... ;-)

there is the option to do public presentations of Syndicate-related new
media projects (see below) at Moderna Museet on october 16th (expect a
10-15 min time-slot and a PC, hopefully online, slides and a VHS player),
but so far only one person (Dejan Sretenovic) has offered such a
presentation. if you want to do such a presentation, please, get in touch.

so much for the moment.

(my august mail included :)

there will be a bigger Syndicate meeting
(codename: After All) at the opening weekend of the After the Wall
exhibition in Stockholm, a large art exhibition which opens at Moderna
Museet on thursday 14 oct ( ) and which has a
symposium and performance programme on 15 and 16 oct (friday-saturday).

there will be an opportunity for a closed Syndicate meeting on the morning
of the 15th, and we have a space for a public meeting on the morning of the
16th where those syndicalists who are interested can show new work - either
their own or that of others - viewed especially from the network and
cooperation perspective of the syndicate, so that international, networked
cooperation projects would be a priority - at least that's my thinking at
the moment, trying to focus on an aspect that the syndicate could
specifically contribute to the rich programme of the opening days of After
the Wall. this public session would then also possibly be included as a
side event in the official programme.

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