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Syndicate: residency opportunities

National Glass Centre, Sunderland
New Millenium Residencies

These two residencies offer a unique opportunity to research practises
involving glass and digital technologies for six months, based at the
National Glass Centre in Sunderland.

Benefits include:

A fee of £6000 plus allowance for travel, materials and equipment
A studio base at the National Glass Centre and use of facilities at TEST
Digital Research Facility in Huddersfield
Subsidised Accomodation
Some teaching at the University of Sunderland
Possibility of an exhibition and/or permanent commission at the NGC

Residency one - Jan 2000 - June 2000
Residency two - July 2000 - Jan 2001

Applications details are available by email from matt locke at:

or snail mail by sending an SAE to:

Ann Fletcher
Head of Arts
National Glass Centre
Liberty Way

These residencies are supported by:
The National Glass Centre
TEST Digital Research Facility
Northern Arts
The Arts Council of England
University of Sunderland
Millenium Festival


Matt Locke
Acting Chief Executive
Kirklees Media Centre

T:+44 (0)1484 431289
F:+44 (0)1484 513739

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