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Syndicate: ArtSci99 NYC //// not to be missed !!!

Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 15:15:27 -0400
From: "Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)" <>
Subject: ArtSci99 NYC //// not to be missed !!!

a symposium produced by Art and Science Collaborations, Inc.

November 13-14, 1999
The Great Hall, Cooper Union
New York, NY
9:00 AM - 6:15 PM

More and more members of the art community [painters, digital aritsts,
musicians, sculptors, poets, web-artists, etc.] are inspired by science and
technology.  Some have participated in historic art-and-industry programs,
such as those at Bell Labs in the 1960s, Polaroid in 70-80's, the
25-year-old Kohler Artist and Industry Program, and Xerox PARC in the
1990s.  For a few others, passion and shared vision for a personal
art-science project have led to fruitful collaborations with research
scientists.  However, for the most part, artists have not had access to the
science community.

The mission of ARTSCI'99 is to create a formal vehicle that will nurture
art-science collaborations for the next century.  Models of "moder-day
Leonardos", and the new paradigm of artist-scientist research teams and
collaborations will be presented.  Keynotes by:  Dr. Laurence Smaje, the
Director of the "Sci-Art" progam of the Wellcome Trust (London), one of the
few institutions commissioning such collaborations (
, and  Dr. France Cordova, the first woman to hold the position of Chief
Scientist at NASA, and now is the Vice Chancellor for Research at the
University of California at Santa Barbara... and mastermind of their
"Research Across Disciplines" Program. 

If you have ever wanted to work with a biologist, chemist, physicist, or
mathematician, etc., we are doing massive outreach to the scientific
community and expect strong attendance.  DETAILS:    
(((click on presenter's names for abbreviated bios)))
Pre-Registration begins September 18, 1999.  Please call 718-816-9796, if
you have any questions, or if your organization would like to become a
Sponsor, Partner or purchase a Resource Table (for your promo materials).

This 2nd Annual ARTSCI Symposium is co-produced by the Adult Education
Program at The Cooper Union and is sponsored by LEONARDO Journal  and ARTBYTE Magazine .

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 this info.on your website calendar where appropriate!

Cynthia Pannucci
Founder/Director of ASCI
(11 yrs.of service to field of art/sci/technology)
New York City  (718) 816-9796

Arthur Bueno
V2_Organisatie Rotterdam
Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam
tel. 010.206.7272
fax. 010.206.7271

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