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Syndicate: ...a phantom?

>Do you mean "ontology" of art?
>-If so I'm with you (one of my favourite words -still not sure what it

Yes that is what I mean. 

>Nice to know art still lives in some remote regions of the world (like the
>endangered species which it is). It has died out in the rest of the world (by
>becoming part of the entertainment/tourist business).

Art does not live here also. Since we have a very strong influence from
American culture. All what in the USA is right, here is right also (in
terms of Art apreciation and comerce). When something is  wrong there, is
wrong here. When Art means something there, the same is Art here.
Art is really one of the"endangered species," in Ecuador, and maybe my
Cuban friend was right. Maybe we like methapisics because we see that only
a _question_ about the being of Art can save Art.
My English is not very good to talk about some concepts here, anyway, I
think that Art as a non-concept is the answer for the end of Art.
If Art has died, then we do not have too much to look for. But if Art is
alive, then we have something.

Is Art alive or not? Has any sense to make this kind of questions.?  It
seems like no one cares about what Art is,  and if Art is alive or not. It
seems that everyone is just doing something that others call "Art," a thing
that its easy to digest but difficult to eat.

I would say that metaphysics is the limit of Art. Is the place in wich Art
is not what it is anymore. Is the place of nothing. Maybe the point where
the meaning itself becomes anything.
Is Art the instrument to construct a concept? Is Art the definition of what
could be what is not?

Will an Ontology of Art take us to a definition of language? Or will
language make Art possible? Maybe the crisis is not an Art crisis, but a
language crisis... Maybe what has died (if this happened) is language and
not Art.
But to say this first we should define Art... or not? If Art depends on
language, then its language what we have to try to define. After this we
should look forward to analize what Art is or not... 

Tell me if  I'm right or not. Sometimes I feel that Art has becoming just a
phantom of an era. Should I ask: Do you believe in phantoms? 

All the best,

Damian Toro
Independent Artists

Telefax.: 593-2-898289 / 897972
Po Box 17-07 8983
Quito - Ecuador -
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