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Re: Syndicate: Its simpl


	An Art Critic from Cuba came to Ecuador almost four years ago. Now she is
living here and we do not know finally if she is going to stay here for the
next year or not. Sounds like in Ecuador we do not have any Art Critics.
Reason why her voice has becoming very important here.

I met her three years ago when I came back from Brazil. A group of friends
made contact with Guadalupe (that is her name), and they organized a forum
about the ralationship between Art and Philosophy.  It was a very
interesting forum, and a very good gide for the ecuadorian artists that
were part of it.

I became friend of Guadalupe, and we had some good conversations. After all
this dialogs with her she said that Ecuadorians where "too metaphisical
The reason? I have no idea, but maybe it was because me and my friends were
talking all the time about the _reason_ of Art.
The political and economical situation of Ecuador can be the cause to this
kind of questions, because sometimes we think that could be better work in
a bussines to earn some money, than to be an artist and to depend on
Art.....   In this sense: What is the reason of Art!!!???    maybe that is
not anything metaphisical, maybe yes. But I think is a good question.

	When someone in this list said that maybe  I should "get another job that
would put an end to any metaphisical confusion," I thought (that possibly)
that was the right answer (shure, I told to myself "what a jerk!)....
considering that metaphisics are not a good bussienes, specially if you
have to  eat and pay the rent....
However, Is not the right answer, because we know that Art can not be put
apart from metaphisics. If I am worng, Can someone tell me how can we
separate Art from Metaphisics?
Is Art the same as Metaphisics? If art can be put apart form metaphisics
how we will define what art _is_ or _not_?
Maybe we should talk about an Onthology of Art? 

	I'm just wondering!   REALLY!!!! 

	have fun!

Damian Toro
Independent Artists

Telefax.: 593-2-898289 / 897972
Po Box 17-07 8983
Quito - Ecuador -
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