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Syndicate: * send explicit heartbeats to the master server

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 03:21:32 -0800
From: /m/e/t/a/ <>
Subject: * send explicit heartbeats to the master server

* save 2.5 megs by reworking shader allocation
* save 1 meg by not double buffering backend if not smp
* convert all tr. arrays into pointers
* don't allocate as many snapshotentities when non dedicated
* new shader option: deformvertex move
* stackable deformvertex
* reduced lightning damage by 10%
* light emit from two sided surfaces
* reduced starting machinegun ammo in teamplay to 50 from 100

* spinning machinegun barrel
* changed q3data -origin option to -offset, defaulted to
0 0 24 for all player grabs
* removed second parm from -lod in q3data
* fixed 0 ping on last player killed before fraglimit
* better ping calculation right after transitions
* add time back to scoreboard
* sv_maxRate option to force all clients to play with a max
rate. This can be used to limit the advantage of
LPB, or to cap bandwidth utilization for a server.
Note that rate is ignored for clients that are on the
same LAN.
* fixed bad name vs name in tourney after first player left
* added hitch warning messages to server console
* new time clamping rules for net play
* avoid sending usercmds during connection
* send explicit heartbeats to the master server when
a server transitions to or from empty or full
* shaders that aren't found will return index 0, but
still keep the allocated slot to prevent
rescanning if registered again
* use nextSnap for player prediction when available
* removed teleport dest invisible objects
* reduced client to server bandwidth by 35%
* changed logging for chats to guarantee parsing properly with
names that conflict with commands:
from: G_LogPrintf( "%s say: %s\n"
to: G_LogPrintf( "say: %s: %s\n"

* don't clamp dedicated server or client times until much
later -- prevents time resets under ordinary conditions
* fixed CG_ProcessSnapshots: cg.snap->serverTime
* only drift time on receipt of packets with
a steady ping -- improve catchup after drops
* fixed players getting stuck together
* new pak file support
* derez mac resource file
* intro/loop option for music files
* fixed lerp-through-world when changing teams
* show ping and netgraph for spectators
* fixed timescale off by one problem
* tracked down player count wrong on server list
* info_spectator_start entity
* shader language change: clampTexCoord removed, added clampmap
* r_debugSort cvar for working on transparency sorting problems
* changed minimum cl_maxpackets to 15
* fixed can't-respawn-when-someone-is-on-your-body
* fixed dlighting over alpha tested surfaces
* z_stats lists all blocks >= given size
* fixed wasted model slots
* increased com_hunkmegs
* com_buildScript cvar to force loading all media and quit on errors
* fixed bad playerstate interpolation across teleporters
* converted local sounds to sfxHandle_t
* new fog code doesn't require subdivisions
* fixed sun positioning problem
* added fogging of triangle objects
* fixed devmap issue
* make g_log a filename instead of a 0/1
* g_logsync option to force a flush after each write
must be set at time of log file creation

* log all client transitions, item pickups, and kills
* changed joystick axis to act just like arrow keys so they
can be bound in the controls menu for strafing.
Yes, this does remove slow walking from joystick movement,
but it makes everything a lot cleaner.
* fix up PantherXL trackball support
* removed bad clear command from dedicated console clear button
* tournement queuing of spectators to enter the game
* track wins and losses as long as you stay on a tourney server
* spectators are now in fly mode instead of noclip, and use teleporters
* pass serverTime instead of msec for command timing, prevents
timescale cheating
* track dual eventParms on player state
* draw crosshair and name in spectator mode
* fixed rcon
* r_colorMipLevels texture visualization tool
* don't allow weapon select and cycle when in follow mode
* archive cl_yawspeed and cl_pitchspeed
* don't draw place line on scoreboard when spectating
* fixed console chatting during intermission
* better recursive error handling
* fixed curve surface flags (no impact when landing on a curve bug)

* stabilized cg_showfps
* added append support to module file opening
* automatic logging of game scores to games.log
* fixed guantlet firing action
* force a vid_restart on WM_DISPLAYCHANGE messages
* fixed sticking on stairs on very fast framerates
* fixed sticking on stair when jumping
* fixed sticking in corner while falling physics bug
* fixed slide down steep slope physics bug
* r_showimages texture use debugging tool
* cg_freezeDemo cvar
* cg_drawSnapshot cvar
* fixed warnings after demo playback
* changed "stopdemo" to "stoprecord"
* fixed phantom windows on task bar after exit
* check for unset player animation
* fixed the snap-down-look-up bug with very high sensitivities
* reduce inflicted damage by handicap
* all pmove results as events for proper demo playback

* fixed tourney restart
* fixed jittering on plats
* fixed ref use without a world
* new default image that lets you see mapping coordinates
* fixed reliable sequences on restarts and demos
* allow maxclients to change between levels
* randomize shell ejection start position and angles
* display attackers head after every wound
* added gamma and overbright support to mac version
* removed table from sound mixing
* remove smoke and blood puffs when you run through them
* set cheats to 1 on disconnect
* shader sort value is now floating point
* new trajectory type "TR_INTERPOLATE", skip interpoaltion
for other types
* fixed door open timing
* fixed bug with >8 portal areas
* added area print to r_shwocluster
* removed all the partial shader match cruft, fixing a crash-on-load
* fixed bug with personal shadows not being setup properly
* nomipmap shader parm split and expanded:
nopicmip : ignores r_picmip so image will always be high res
nomipmap : forces a single level texture, used for console font
* shrank sound mixing buffer for better caching
* new shader option: q3map_lightsubdivide
larger values make q3map -light proceed faster
* new vertex array interleaving
* fixed bmodels not counting patches in bounds
* fixed patch sphere culling on rotating entities
* cg_simpleItems now draws sprite items
* fixed serverid being 0 when map is started from cmdline
* fixed UI on mode changes
* replaced 1280*960 mode with 1280*1024
* test all rotated orders for tristrips from faces
* fixed RB_SurfacePolychain to not duplicate vertexes
* changed planar face surface type from a convex polygon to a
general collection of coplanar triangles
* change renderer to use bmodel surface list instead of tree
* changed areabits pointer to areamask array
* fixed bad loop when client reliable message overflows
* fixed swapinterval after vid_restart
* wall mark clipping moved out of cgame, extended
for better wrapping over multiple brushes
* picmip defaults to 1 under all cases now
* automatic curve LOD grouping
* duplicated SCR_ functions into cgame
* implemented Micahel Julier's optimization work
* implimented Michael Gold's SMP patch
* new reliable command transport
* use ENTITYNUM_NONE and ENTITYNUM_WORLD constants, which
are now in MAX_GENTITIES range for safe net transport
* wait for attack released after respawning before firing
* added a delay before moving everyone to intermission spot
* fixed bug with regibbing of gibbed body ques
* blood trails behind gibs
* changed localents over to trajectories
* removed world as entity zero, clients are now 0 to MAXCLIENTS-1
* changed game interface functions to use clientnums instead of pointers
* removed speculative usercmd_t from user packets
* new item pickup code, fixed silent item pickup
on grazing hits, and expanded the pickup
range by 20% without changing the physical
bounding box
* allow a single "quick jump" without delay

Arthur Bueno
V2_Organisatie Rotterdam
Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam
tel. 010.206.7272
fax. 010.206.7271

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