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Syndicate: NetAid 5 - the final NetAid

Free B92 announces the final Net Aid event

Net Aid 5
15 September 1999, 00.00-24.00h CET (GMT+2)

The First Net Aid event took place on May 15, 1999. It was a 24-hour
Internet party organised by the original B92 team from Belgrade, with the
assistance of friends all over the world. This event was held during the war
in Yugoslavia in order to draw the attention of international music lovers
to the Free B92 campaign and to raise voices against violence as a tool for
solving political problems anytime and anywhere.

Participants in the project have donated music - live recordings, DJ mixes
and other original material. Net Aid thus became a monthly gathering place
for friends of the original B92, the musicians, DJs and media activists who
together created a virtual B92 at the time it was banned.

The Free B92 team announces the Net Aid cycle has now been completed and
that Net Radio Free B92 will begin by the end of this month. Net Aid 5 will
recall some of the high points of previous events as well as presenting some
exclusive new musical donations.

The complete Net Aid Archives, including all the original music material,
will soon be available at the Free B92 Music Department Web site.


Please continue to send music contributions to our address (Susanne Simon,
Net Aid, Rakoczi Ut. 8b/111/8, 1072 Budapest, Hungary).

Stay tuned for the latest Net events and the latest adventures of your radio
and music heroes on www.freeb92.net.

We thank all of you for making Net Aid possible.

The Free B92 Team, Belgrade
September 1999

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