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Syndicate: targets again

Dear friends,
recently I got some messages not dealing with the subject of list - some even not written by this list's members. As
this list's moderator, I had to reject it. Although, one message was posted on
the list ('STOP NATO'), because it WAS written by this list's member. And I
have to intervene.

Although this list's subject can be considered as somewhat broader than NATO
intervention in Serbia, I don't think it is a proper place to discuss
Gaddafi's Jamahiriya. And I have to tell my reserves regarding the content of
the 'STOP NATO' message you received. I'll explain.

As a direct witness of the NATO intervention, and living in Serbia for the
whole period of Milosevic's rule, I told in my War Diary what I think about
target marks used in anti-NATO demonstrations in Serbia and elsewhere. I'll
remind you:

"This target mark is supposed to be the sign of resistance to NATO aggression.
Many people abroad, having good intentions, who don't approve NATO attacks,
feel deep sympathy for this mark. But my friends and me don't. Actually, we
are deeply sick of this mark.
First of all, I don't feel like being target. I don't like to be treated as
target, and I think none of us was supposed to be in the situation of being
bombed. This has had to be avoided. And not only NATO is to be blamed for this
situation - which many people forget, even the greatest enemies of the
The other reason is that this mark is invented and promoted by the regime
itself, and it's some kind of trademark for demonstrations against NATO, which
actually support the regime and ARE organized by the regime. And I don't want
to take part in anything like this, and I'm not willing to give this regime my
amnesty for its former evil deeds.
And last but not least - this target mark has become the new symbol for
unification of people's minds. Instead of former communist red star, now we
have the target mark. Wearing this mark is the certification that you are
patriot, good Serb, loving your country and following The Right Line. But I
need nothing and nobody to give me this kind of certification. My good
intentions and this what I have in my mind and in my heart is my only
certification needed. And I always doubt proclaimed Right Line. I resist any
kind of mind unification. I prefer to use my own brain - it's not worthless at
That's why my friends and me bring a new criterion for the girl whom we'd like
to be the woman of our life - she must not wear target mark."

NATO and Milosevic are not the only ones who can bother you to death; next to
them are the people who see this world as simply black and white, no matter do
they approve or condemn NATO intervention, do they admire New World Order or
Lybian Jamahiriya. Please save me from the 'black-and-whitists'!
So much about it.
Thanks for your patience, and be proud self-thinkers,

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