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Syndicate: Istanbul project by Oliver Musovik - Macedonia

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Subject: Istanbul project by Oliver Musovik - Macedonia
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The project   "neighbors"eby Oliver Musovik

in Dolmabahce Cultural Center=20

"Neighbors" (1999) is the latest project by Oliver Musovik (1971, =
Skopje), one of the most conspicuous young artist from Macedonia. The =
photo installation "Neighbors" has been developed especially for the 6th =
International Istanbul Biennial (17 Sept.-8 Nov. 1999), as a result of =
the artist's continual influence by the environment of his city and, =
more specific, his neighborhood. His art work is usually devoted to real =
personalities and the problems and habits of the people that he knows =
and encounters every day.=20

The project itself consists of 21 digitally printed photographs (70 x =
100 cm. or 32 x 44 cm.). One of the images represents the actual =
building where artist and his mother live for more than 20 years in =
Dracevo, a labor suburb of Skopje. The other 20 images function as a =
kind of predicatives of the other tenants of the building so that we can =
connect the very poor images of the communal spaces and entrance doors =
of the apartments with the destinies of the inhabitants of the building: =
unemployed, pensioners, students, teenagers and some "accidental" =
lawyer. All these "life" stories are not re-told thoroughly but are =
given as humorous or compassionate hints printed on the photos, not =
excluding the artist himself.

The production of the project and the participation of Oliver Musovik in =
the 6th International Istanbul Biennial was organized and supported by =
the Museum of the City of Skopje and the Ministry of Culture of Republic =
of Macedonia.=20

Museum of the City of Skopje

Mito Hadzi Vasilev b.b 91 000 Skopje, Macedonia, contact person: Suzana =

tel. ++389 91 114 742 fax. ++389 91 115 367

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