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Syndicate: more from Prishtina

here's a reply on Burim's report, sent by Teresa Crawford from Prishtina.

Jo van der Spek       
Sorry I have been so remiss in writing to the RIKS list.  As anyone
working in the Balkans can attest to nothing ever works out like they
think it will.  Ever.

Paul and I have finally gotten everything off the ground for the (Internet Project Kosova.  This after the University failed to
publically go against Ismet Hamiti and PTK and PTK refused to give on
anything except full ownership.  We sigfned a 6 month agreement with
UNMIK and we are now the only group officially allowed to provide
internet access.  Things are smoothed over with PTK (mostly) but the
Univ is still hugely disappointed and not sure how to get moving.

We have installed the dish downtown at the Boro and Ramizi center, we
are refurbishing an office, the first microwave stations have been
installed, the first contract sigined with UNHCR.  We have also done
the installation of the microwave repeater on the building where radio
21 is.  

As for the University...5 faculties get microwaves with 64k, and the
tech faculty gets 256k.  This should happen by the end of the month. 
Initially there will be no networks just access centers but yesterday
we met with the faculty of sciences and they have a network person who
has designed a plan for them and also the faculty of agriculture so
they are well on there way.  A working group of WUS, tech faculty,
Soros, IPKO and now scieinces faculty has met twice to discuss plans.

Scepticism aside this thing should be up and running soon.  After all
the political problems we dealt with there are the very practical
problems of power outages that fry radio units such as the one attached
to our satellite dish.

Hope RIKS is still interested in the content side once we figure out
the access side.  


journalist  and              
coordinator of RIKS
Reconstructing via Internet Kosov@ Society

tel +31.20.6718027
H.Seghersstraat 46 1072 LZ Amsterdam
Jo van der Spek is a free lance journalist and
programmer of public debates on matters political and cultural
both in the national and international domain

mos ban luft, ban dashuri

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