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Syndicate: B92 - VOICE OF SORO


Rebirth of the B2 (Bomber)-B92 Radio: "Voice of Soros"
Ready to Bomb Serbia with Globalist Propaganda

Belgrade's Radio B92 has been hailed in the West as an
"independent" radio station.  And bemoaned as a great loss for freedom
and democracy when it was shut down by Slobodan Milosevic's government,
during the national emergency called NATO's war on Serbia.

Well, Radio B92 is apparently on the air again, under the name B2-92.
The new name at a minimum shows a lack of marketing savvy on the part of
its owners and editors.  Instead opting for a Shakespearean association
which the "2B-92" name might have provided; they chose the "B2" bomber
inference.  The "B2" bombers will live in infamy for generations.  And
not only because a "B2" bomber hit the Chinese embassy on May 7, but
even more so because they helped terrorize an entire nation for 79 days.
Great start, B2-92!.

Beyond the name, the new B2 (Bomber)-92 can be expected to bomb the
Serbian population with the globalist propaganda as the old one had.
One reason is that it is financed by George Soros, a champion of
globalism and interventionism.  Which prompted Prof. J.P. Maher of
Chicago, who used to teach linguistics at the Northeastern Illinois
University, to dub the Belgrade radio station as the "Voice of Soros."

Complementing Prof. Maher's view is the following piece by Paul Treanor
which sheds a new light on the B2 (Bomber)-92's "independence:"

"A new radio station using the name of the former B92 radio has started
broadcasting in Beograd (Belgrade) under the name B2-92. They also have
a new website, taking over where the much-visited Help B92 website left
off.  Like the Help B92 website, the new website of Free B92 is owned by KPN Telecom, (a middle-rank European
telecom company), through its subsidiary XS4ALL Nederland BV.
Koninklijke  KPN NV (Royal Dutch Telecom) is the privatized former
telecom organization of the Netherlands PTT, originally the ministry for
Post and Telegraphy.

For info on XS4ALL (a 'nerds-get-rich' ISP in Amsterdam) see XS4ALL
cyber-liberals get rich

Legal control of both the Help B92 website, and the Free B92 website
were, and are, ultimately exercised by the board of KPN Telecom. The CEO
at KPN Telecom is Wim Dik, a former Netherlands Secretary of State for
Foreign Trade. More realistically, daily control of the content of the
websites probably rests with Maurice Wesseling, director of XS4ALL
Nederland BV, whose name is under the press release /e-mail announcing
the new site.

As you can imagine from this information, B92 is NOT a radical left-wing
revolutionary progressive radio station, although an extraordinary
number of people do believe this myth. B92 was the Serbian radio of the
Soros Foundation, which through its Open Society Funds and Foundations
controls a surprisingly large sector of the media in some eastern
European countries.
(The Soros Foundation got in first, and had the most money).

B92 was therefore never an 'independent' radio. Its function was to
promote  the values of a liberal-democratic free-market society in
Serbia and Montenegro, and specifically the classic-liberalism of George
Soros. It continued to do this even during the air war on Serbia, when
for a time it broadcast from aircraft on the Serbian border (obviously
with at least the military approval of the NATO which controlled the
airspace), and also from Austria on Austrian government transmitters.
Both of these projects were apparently abandoned: perhaps because they
were making the station an easy target for pro-Milosevic propagandists.

In any case, in the present uncertain climate, the station and its
financiers are ready to try again.  For those in any doubt about the
ideology of the new station, its website includes a speech by George
Soros  It is a
commencement speech delivered at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced
International Studies at Johns Hopkins University on May 27, 1999: here
is the original at the university website

In this speech Soros sets out his view that a world sovereign authority
is  necessary, to authorize intervention in states. He defends the NATO
intervention in Kosovo, as you would expect...

'Nor do I have any doubts that the situation required outside
The case for intervention is clearer in Kosovo than in most other
situations of ethnic conflict because Milosevic unilaterally deprived
the inhabitants of Kosovo of the autonomy that they had already enjoyed.
He also broke an international agreement into which he entered in
October of last year.'

Soros goes a lot further, though, in proposing that a new alliance of
open societies should be set up, to militarily impose an open society on
the rest of the world:

'A political alliance dedicated to the promotion of open society might
even be able to change the way the UN functions, especially if it had a
much broader membership than NATO. NATO could still serve as its
military arm.'

Remember that B2-92 operates in a society where hundreds of civilians
died in NATO bombing a few months ago.  It clearly feels that it can now
go further than during the war. At the same time, the new version is
much more explicitly a Soros/NATO radio than the pre-war version. (I
would guess that they have dumped any journalists who had doubts about
the tougher pro-NATO line, but I have no confirmation of that)."

Paul Treanor


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