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RHIZOME_RAW: ISEA launches ChatterBox 1.0

C h a t t e r B o x 

ISEA/Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts is pleased to announce a new project. ChatterBox is a series of moderated discussions on ISEA-Forum, a listserv which is open to both ISEA members and non-members. 

The discussions will be on selected and specific topics in the electronic arts; about issues, for instance, such as the intersection of the arts with the fields of technology, science, education, and industry. These conversations will be about creative process, specific art practices, the work of specific artists, art theory, artist centres, educational institutions, research and innovation in the realm of the electronic arts, emerging forms and artists, etc. The possible topics are open and endless.

C h a t t e r B o x  1.0 

New Media Art Collectives

The first intervention will be launched Wednesday, September 8 1999 with a new text each following day. You are invited to intervene, discuss, comment! See below on how to subscribe to ISEA-Forum.

Guest Moderator: 
Laura McGough, Nomads (USA)

Conor McGarrigle, Stunned Art Zine (Dublin, Ireland)

Moritz Gaede, drivedrive inc. (Canada/Amsterdam)

Natalia Manzhali, Info Media Bank Program, SCCA Kiev (Ukraine)

S u b s c r i b e  t o  I S E A - F o r u m

Send an email message to  <>. Leave the subject field blank and in the body of the message write: subscribe ISEA-forum <your first name and last name>.

C a l l  F o r  P r o p o s a l s

ISEA launches an open call for potential guest moderators to send us ChatterBox proposals. The guest moderator of each edition of ChatterBox is responsible for finding and obtaining the texts of the 3 or 4 panelists, as well as for writing a short 500 word overview.  

ChatterBox will be a bi-monthly affair beginning this September. The texts could be theory, criticism, personal accounts, or creative writing. The ISEA-Forum public-at-large is invited to intervene, comment, discuss.  

Future editions of ChatterBox include: cyberspace and architecture; dance, technology, and the body; and new media art in Eastern Europe. 

A popular way of participating thus far has been diffusing panel sessions from conferences on the electronic arts. This gives panelists at these conferences added international exposure.

The idea is not to re-orient ISEA Forum away from its current form as a free, open discussion, but to add to this existing framework a series of more structured and specific debates.

Please send your ideas and proposals for ChatterBox to:

Katarina Soukup 
International Research & Relations
Editor, ISEA Newsletter

ISEA/The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
Complexe Ex-Centris, 3530 boul. St-Laurent, #305, Montréal, Québec, H2X 2V1 CANADA
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