Jaka Zeleznikar on 1 Sep 99 18:10:25 MET DST

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Syndicate: Syndicate Reader - art link list - call

Dear Syndicatelists

Syndicate Reader will include (net) art link list
of members of the Syndicate.
This list will also be a part of the Syndicate site.

If you wish that your data will be included please
send it in .txt format to:

Please use this "format":
- name (or art name) of the artist (=yourself)
- link (URL) to the home page with links to your (net) art projects
  (or URL to art projects - only if you don't have one page with
   links to them)
- short (few sentences) description of your artwork

If you wish you can include:
- your e-mail address
- links to "Reviews" or "Texts about" (please select the most
  relevant ones if there are many)

Please make sure that the data is correct before you send it.

The dead line is 12. September 1999.

Best regards
Jaka Zeleznikar

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