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Syndicate: festival of film and new media on art

                     International Festival
                    of Film and New Media
                                  on Art
                             Athens, 1-9 December 1999

For the second consecutive year Athens will host the International Festival of Film and New Media on Art (IFFNMA). This is an international multidisciplinary event that aims on the discovery  of new voices and new directions in cinema. At the same time it explores the new directions visual language has taken by devoting a big part of its program to the presentation of new media based projects on art.
This year΄s selection is composed by documentary films and videos (both analog and digital) as well as cd-roms, web sites, and on-line documentaries, on painting, sculpture, architecture, design, dance, theatre, cinema, photography, animation, music, video art, literature, poetry, fashion, landscape art, multimedia art, net art, perfomance art, as well as museology and restoration.
The programs-venues these year are:
ART IN FOCUS - films and videos on all arts in competition
DIGITART - cd-roms on all arts in competition, web sites (for the first time) on art and net art sites not in competition
MEDIATRIUM - interactive video installations, multimedia perfomances
Four themes will be presented and discussed:
1) THE MYTH OF THE CITY - Incorporation of the trace of the ancient city into its modern counterpart, and a redefinition of the relationship between the city, the landscape and the sea;

2) THE LARGE SCALE AND PUBLIC SPACE- Architectural gestures on the large scale capable of transforming the crisis-ridden public space of the city and of having an impact on its 'common taste' and ethos;

3) THE CITY AND 'DIFFERENCE' - The social approaches and political practices which will mobilise the forces of difference and individuality within the metropolitan formation; and

4) ART, TECHNOLOGY AND THE CITY -Artistic and technological applications which will permeate real and virtual space, radically transforming the experience of the urban landscape and of life in the city itself.

HYPERTOPOS - The Symposium will be complemented by a specially curated program of films, cd-roms and websites on architecture. The theme of this program is Man, City and Media.


VIDEO GAMES 99 - Full motion video and pre-rendered movie sequences by the most edgy and controversial  game designers in the world. The program will be presented as outdoor happening in huge screens.


MULTIMEDIA PARTY with greek electronic music and multimedia perfomance by spanish AFASIA


Deadline for submissions of work is September the 15th for FILM

and October the 15th for CD-ROMS.


For more info tel: 01-7520064-5, fax:01-7520064