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Syndicate: cyber yugo

                        Site Development Plan - Apply for Citizenship -
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                CYBER YUGOSLAVIA DATA:

                           1078 citizens
                                      List of citizens - Apply
                           0 m2
                                      Read Constitution

                                                               This is
Cyber Yugoslavia. Home of Cyber Yugoslavs. We lost our country
                                                               in 1991
and became citizens of Atlantis. Starting September, 1999 this will
                                                               be our
home. We don't have a physical land, but we do have nationality,
                                                               and we
are giving  CY citizenships and CY passports. Because this is
we are allowing double and triple citizenships. If you feel
you are welcome to apply for CY citizenship, regardless of your
nationality and citizenship, and you will be accepted. Please read
Constitution for the details. If you are just curious, you are welcome
                                                               visit us
as tourists.

                                                               This land
will grow as our citizens wish. Neither faster, nor slower.
more, nor less. So, this site will always be under construction. For
                                                               a solid
country to grow, even a virtual one, it takes some time.

                                                               When we
have five million citizens, we plan to apply to the UN for member
When this happens, we will ask 20 square meters of land
on Earth to be our country. On this land, we'll keep our server.

                                        Official launch of Cyber
Yugoslavia is set for September 9, 1999 ( 9-9-99 )
                                         This site will be updated
before that, so please check its development
                Please allow 96 hours for processing applications. At
this moment, we
                are receiving over 300 applications per day, and all of
them should be
                manually processed, to avoid fake entries and portfolio
duplications. This
                cannot be done automatically, because it's not about
                phrase-matching, but the meaning of each secretarial
position. It is
                possible that application form will not be available all
the time. If you wish
                to apply and the application form is not online, please
try again in a couple
                of hours. CU in CY. Secretary Webmaster.

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