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Syndicate: PLAY

Hey Wow Kids Look!  JC Herz! and Warren Spector! and Lev Manovich!
And Even Brenda Laurel! *8-/

>From Tue Jul 27 15:16:52 1999
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 17:58:45 -0500
From: Eyebeam Atelier <>
Organization: Eyebeam Atelier
Subject: Ready to PLAY?

Dear Everyone,

Re:PLAY has STARTED! Jump into the forum at

Re:PLAY is a five-week intensive debate about the past, present, and
future of games.  Re:PLAY will unite digital theorists, game developers,

media critics, computer scientists, scholars, researchers, hackers, and
professional game players in a discussion about digital game design and
game culture.

Re:PLAY is directed by Eric Zimmerman, game designer and Professor
at NYU ITP, and co-moderated by Ron Wakkary and Laura Trippi,
Professors of Interactive Arts at Tech BC.  Participants include:
John Buchanan (Electronic Arts), Grey Costykian (game designer),
Chris Crawford (Erazmatazz), Sara Diamond (Banff Centre),
Dennis "Thresh" Fong (professional gamer), Richard Garfield
(Magic: the Gathering), J.C. Herz (interactive media critic),
Kori Inkpan (SFU), Lars Konzack (University of Aarhus),
Henry Jenkins (MIT), Maria Klawe (University of British Columbia),
David Koenig (Gigawatt Studios), Frank Lantz (NYU IPT, R/GA),
Brenda Laurel (Purple Moon), Marc LeBlanc (Looking Glass),
Miltos Manetas (artist), Lev Manovich (UC San Diego), Brian
Moriarty (MPath), Janet Murray (Georgia Tech), Anne Marie
Schleiner (artist and curator), Warren Spector (ION Storm),
McKenzie Wark (media and game critic), and Bernie Yee (Sony Online).

Re:PLAY is a project of Eyebeam Atelier and the Technical University of
British Columbia (TechBC), with additional support provided by the
Freeman Game Group.

We apologize for the delay due to problems with our server.

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