Denis Neimand on Fri, 16 Jul 1999 02:18:04 +0400

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Dear Nina, thats pitty but I'm bisy now to go somewhere.
Russian Museum (Contemporary art department under Alexandr Borovsky)
made a kind of summary Soros Centers exhibition that calls WITHOUT THE
WALL eastern europe after the berlin wall - photographs and video art
in Marble Palace (july 9 - august 29 1999, St. Petersburg).
The organization of the exhibition  WITHOUT THE
WALL was a joint effort of the 14 Soros Centers  for Contemporary Art
 and unites more than 30 artists from 14 countries - Croatia, the
 Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Mecedonia,
 Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovenia, USA, Yugoslavia.
 The exhibition has to primary themes - the theme WALLS and their FALL
 (not the Berlin wall in narrow sence, but walls between comunist
 camps and the rest of the world), in the work of Milislav Vesovic
 (Croatia), Florin Maxa (Romania), Tamarra KaiA (USA), and the theme
 ART AFTER THE WALL (new direction in the history of contemporary art
 of the former socialist countries, new language, new concepts, new
 realities), in the work of Isabella Gustowska (Poland), Liina Siib
 (Estonia), Zoran Naskovski (Yugoslavia), Juris Boiko (Latvia) and
 other artists.
 I'd like to notice from myself point of view - as vore interesting -
 iurie Cibotaru with GUILLOTINE (maybe you remember this installation
 in Ostranenie'97?), Georgy Ostretsov (photo), Marko Kovacic.. There
 was also one big painting of Africa...
 will try to talk about next interesting events later..
 Best regards,

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