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THIS IS YOUR SHADOW ON MY WALL  is an international contemporary art 
exhibition held at the Kluze fortresses, near Bovec, Slovenia. It is 
conceived and organized by artist Damijan Kracina with a help of 
ARTileria Kluze, local art &culture center. Kracina invited three 
curators to make a selection of artists who will present a 
combination of installation works, performances, concerts and 
lectures that will be held during the ten-day ARTileria Kluze 

Opening:  Saturday, 17th July at 9 p. m. at the Kluze fortresses, 
near Bovec, Slovenia.

Participating artists: Marko A. Kovacic (will present a lecture on 
Saturday, 17th of July at 9 p. m.), Vuk Cosic, DJ Nova, Bostjan 
Drinovec & NU, Luka Drinovec, VJ Cinemator, VJ Dgabs, VJ Nushi,  
Robert Ograjensek, Bostjan Plesnicar, Bojan Stokelj, Janja Zvegelj 
with friends (Slovenia), Ralf Hoedt & Moira Zoitl, David Moises 
(Avstria), Adrian Paci (Albania), Smail Kapetanovic (Bosnia 
and Hercegovina), Aleksander Ilic (Croatia), Paolo Comuzzi (Italia), 
Alvaro Petricig (Italia) z Johnom Duncanom (ZDA) and  Susanna 
Grigoleto (Germany)

Curators: Damijan Kracina, Sasa Glavan (Slovenia), Anton Lederer
(Avstria) and Donatella Ruttar (Italia)

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