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Re: Syndicate: <nettime> Extrodinary Statement by Albanian/Serb leaders 7/2/99

The "Serbian Resistance Movement" (Srpski Pokret Otpora) is a political party. It was made by former members of (Milosevic's) Socialist Party of Serbia [ex- alliance of communists of Serbia (=communist party of yugoslavia)] in the Kosovo and Metohija autonomous region. Their leader Momcilo Trajkovic was high in a municipal government I think. Don't quote me - I'm not sure. Anyway, they're very nationalist, but have condemened both police, military, paramilitary, KLA and NATO violence. One of their leaders is Artemije (don't know if that's official, but he's been to almost every rally they made and spoken at most). Artemije wasn't in The Party, though. Their leaders have been to USA on a tour to visit the congress and the Serb lobbyists. That's possibly where their money is coming from - either from nationalist emigration or U$gov. I can't tell about that either. I know they had no relation to NGO's, anarchists, human and civil rights groups, artists or anyone alternative for t!
hat matter. As far as I know, they have never won any parliamentary seats and have never gotten many votes by official counts (Kosovo was the scene of huge election thefts/forges from '89). Many Kosovo Serbs did come to their rallys. Extremely many, considering the actual Serb population in Kosovo (pre-war; there aren't many left now). That's about all I can remember for now.


>At the end please note that this statement is signed both by UCK (KLA) and
>something called Serbian Resistance Movement. This really begins to look
>like Ulster there.

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