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Syndicate: images for special publication?

hey there,

would you like to contribute some visual material to a publication project?

as you may know, a group of international writers and publishers are
preparing a publication which responds to the war in yugoslavia.  the
publication will be produced by arkzin <http://www.arkzin.com> in croatia.
it will be in english, between 40-60 pages, and distributed as a free
tabloid newspaper.
it will be distributed across europe, australia, and hopefully the USA and

the project outline, which details the motivation and scope of the
publication, is available at:

the editorial team would very much like to publish artists responses to the
do you have any visual material that you might like to contribute?

the deadline is, well *now*, so get back to me ASAP if you'd like to send
something ...

best wishes from amsterdam.

honor harger

Honor Harger

Freelance - currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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