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FREE B92 ANNOUNCES - NET AID 3, July 15, 1999
July 15, 1999    00.00-24.00 CET (GMT+2)

Netaid, worlwide solidarity forum dedicated to Radio B92, holds its
third installment in Belgrade on 15 July. After 72 days of war,
situation of the Serbian independent broadcaster and media house is
virtually unchanged. Radio B92 frequency, premises and equipment are
still seized by a government appointed management and staff, now
broadcasting vulgar mixture of nationalistic propaganda and kitsch

Netaid#3 coincides with the launch of  intensive, local on-air,
on-ground and on-line campaign for return of Radio B92 to its real
owners. This action will include diverse elements, from printed media to
web actions, from street  campaigning to special FM broadcasts on
Belgrade territory. Please visit our homepage
often for more details.

Netaid#3 will furtherly explore powers of global streaming, linking
again various worldwide locations with Belgrade. Netaid#3 visitors  will
be able to contemplate to audio/video streams from Vienna, Linz,
Vancouver, Budapest, San Francisco, Helsinki, Prague, or to check
Belgrade post-war/pre-peace reality live. We are particularly happy to
announce the first dedicated streaming session from Bosnia&Herzegovina
to Belgrade. Last but not least, once again we are proud to present a
top line-up of B92 international supporters who donated their exclusive
tracks, mixes or concert recordings  - from  Gilles Peterson to
Kruder&Dorfmeister, from Scratch Collective to Andrew Duke, from Boiled
In Lead to Sid Griffin. Local artists who dedicated their audio and
video art to Netaid#3 include housemeisters Vukan and Linear Draft,
urban drifters Pozoriste Sesira (Theatre Of Hats),  and Belgrade BPM
scientists - Teenage Techno Punks, Vlada Janjic, Boza Podunavac and
Gordan Paunovic.


If you share our basic thoughts:
 - there are no political problems that can be solved by violence,
 - there is always some good sounds around, on both sides of the border,
 - you can not stop B92.

and if you feel interested in to participate NetAid3, please do not
hesitate to contact us.
Our e-mail address (Gordan Paunovic, event organiser) is:

Netiad is a benefit action of a different kind. We do not collect any
money - we collect your music and benefit from  your art. We need
exclusive music that represents you - it could be anything, from one
song to a whole concert or an exclusive DJ set. We accept your MP3
files, CDs, MD and DAT tapes, from any sound source. If you can organize
a live stream from your studio, just let us know!

Material can be sent to our Netaid 3 snail mail address:

Susanne Simon
Rakoczi Ut 8b/III/8
Budapest 1072
(our older Vienna and Amstedam addresses are also in use)

For further details on FTP or Real Audio Server, please write to the
above e-mail address.

Support messages:
If you support NetAid, and our goal to oppose the use of violence as a
means to solve political problems, and are not able to organize a live
stream session or send us any music right now, you can still join in.
Just send us a  support message to our voice box at the following

+31 20 4216439

For more info. on Free B92 and our NetAid archives check out our

Thank you for you support, and see and hear you on NetAid - 3, July 15,

FreeB92-NetAid team

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