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Syndicate: Prolonged deadline! EuroPrix MultiMediaArt 99

Date: Mon, 05 Jul 1999 11:54:22 +0200
From: Europrix Secretariat <>

Dear Multimedia Producer,

We prolonged the deadline for entries up to 9 July, 1999 for
participants of any National Award! As we have recognized it was too
short time for those of you who wanted to participate we prolonged the
deadline of online registration or registration by fax up to 7 July and
are happy to receive your packages latest on 9 July!

As you know that joining the EuroPrix MultiMediaArt means making a
Europe-wide multimedia market accessible this opportunity is up to you!  .

The EuroPrix Contest is a Europe-wide contest inviting 32 countries to
participate with focus on high-quality and user value added products.
We, the EuroPrix Secretariat, organize this contest on behalf of the
European Commission and the Austrian Ministry for Economic Affairs.

Since its introduction in 1998 the EuroPrix MultiMediaArt could
establish itself as a leading European multimedia contest, especially in
terms of providing a great opportunity for the Europe-wide promotion and
showcase of multimedia products.

Beside several promotional activities and events we can offer every
entrant to be presented at the electronic license rights catalog of
Frankfurt Bookfair, one of Europe's leading fairs. Additionally every
entrant will be presented in the EuroPrix License Rights Catalog.
All Nominees will be awarded a grant of 5000 Euro. The winners Gala will
be in Finland, on the occasion of the Finnish EU-Presidency, in the
frame of the IST-conference and exhibition.

All further information and the online registration form are provided at
our website

you will find a downloadable registration form to fax also at:

We wish you all the best and hope prolonging the deadline was helpful
for you!

kind regards,
Tatjana Stimmler
EuroPrix MultiMediaArt

Mag. Tatjana Stimmler
EuroPrix MultiMediaArt

Techno-Z FH F&E, Jakob-Haringer-StraÃ?e 5, A-5020 Salzburg
T:0043-662.454.888.714                         F:0043-662.452.172
mailto:               <>

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