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Syndicate: Fwd: Fw: First U$ Deformed Yugoslavian Child Due in Nine Months / More Radioa


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From: Jon Corlett <jcorlett2@mindspring.com>
Sent: Friday, June 25, 1999 3:33 AM
Subject: First U$ Deformed Yugoslavian Child Due in Nine Months / More
Radioactive Residue in Yugoslavia than Hiroshima and Nagasaki / Also:
chlorine, ethylene dichloride, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl chloride
monomer (VCM), hydrogen chloride, Etc.

> Subject:
>         VB:
>    Date:
>         Thu, 24 Jun 1999 08:24:13 +0200
>    From:
>         Vera Bjurling <vera.bjurling@dfs.se>
> Kosovo's Y2K problem
>      At about this time next year, the NATO humanitarian action will have
> ced the first
> defective births in Kosovo.
>      As of now, there is more radioactive residue from the depleted
uranium amm
> unition and
> ordinance used by NATO planes than was left over from the nuclear bombing
of Hi
> roshima and
> Nagasaki.
>      This highly toxic metal is spread over fields throughout Yugoslavia
and wi
> ll enter the
> food supply--first the crops and vegetables and then the livestock--and
> in the food
> chain for decades to come. It is highly unlikely that NATO will supply
safe "Re
> ady to Eat"
> meals to expectant mothers in Kosovo for that long.
>      After the Petrohemija chemical factory was bombed, huge quantities of
> c chlorine and
> ethylene dichloride were released into the air. Afraid of an even worse
> cal disaster,
> Petrohemija staff issued a press release asking NATO to stop bombing them
>  they could
> dispose of the most toxic and carcinogenic chemicals safely.
>      NATO not only ignored this plea, but two days later deliberately
bombed th
> e polyvinyl
> chloride (PVC) and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) plants in Pancevo. VCM is
a col
> orless,
> odorless, and tasteless gas that is extremely carcinogenic. Increased
> ic
> concentrations, 10,000 times above the permitted limits, were measured
after th
> e bombing.
>      In addition, huge quantities of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide,
and th
> e acid gas,
> hydrogen chloride, were released into the atmosphere.
>      The latest entry on NATO's humanitarian target list is the Vinca
Nuclear R
> esearch
> Institute. Its reactors have not been used for 15 years, but a significant
> nt of
> Uranium-235 enriched and unused fuel is still in its interior. Highly
> ve material for
> everyday activities is also located in several research laboratories.
>      If these sites are hit--and given NATO's humanitarian track record
there i
> s no reason to
> believe otherwise--a tragedy on a scale of Chernobyl can be expected in
all of
> the Central
> Europe.
>      At about this time next year, with your accounts long safe from the
> er millenium
> bug, you will be sipping your morning coffee and rallying behind some
other NAT
> O humanitarian
> bombing action that is being broadcast live on CNN. And long forgotten,
the peo
> ple of Kosovo
> will be facing their own millenium problem

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