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Syndicate: SYSOP position at Bauhaus Dessa

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is currently seeking to fill the position of

System Operator

Basic responsibility lies in the coordination, implementation, maintainance
and expansion of the BAUHAUS KOLLEG's IT infrastructure.

This includes in particular the following:

- The coordination and implementation of the Department's computer and
periphery infrastructure (i.e. user services, computer pools, file
management etc)
- The coordination and implementation of the Department's internet
- The implementation of the Department's software requirements, establishing
the regulations of their use, as well as their maintainance  and updating
- For the abovementioned points the candidate will provide support, develop
the relevant organisation, develop financial budgeting, as well as supervise
the responsibilities of the individual users and technical assistants
- Technical coordination with the institute's approved external partners and

Experience and qualifications

The applicant should have completed a technical diploma or degree relevant
to the field (preferably in Informatics or Network Administration).

He/she should have experience and proficiency
- in the administration of UNIX, Windows NT and MAC OX based servers
- in the use and administration of Windows PC and MAC clients
- in the use and application of Internet, WWW and TCP/IP based services
- in a wide range of office and design oriented software (experience, for
example, in CAD and Silicon Graphics is also desirable)

The applicant must be able to function in both an English and German
language working environment. He/she must also demonstrate the effective,
communicative and flexible qualities required for an ambitious team effort,
be available to work at non-peak hours if necessary, and have the ability to
take on new initiatives and challenges that the work in such a rapidly
developing field requires.

The position is renumerated according to a German III BAT-O category. The
Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. Applications by
women are particularly welcome. Applicants from Eastern and Central European
countries are also encouraged to apply.

The position is currently limited until 31.12.99 pending final financial
approval on the part of the responsible ministries, at which time the term
of the position is expected to be extended accordingly.

Applicants are requested to apply in writing no later than 07.07.99 to:

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
Katherina Gebhardt, Administrative Director
"System Operator Position"
Gropiusallee 38
06846 Dessau

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