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Syndicate: Re: Collective responsibility


My grandfather was/is a member of OZNA. It is the Serbian version of CIA. It has changed names frequently, so I don't know what it's called now. He is a mental sadist. His father was a merchant, like his father before him. My great gradfather traded in the old Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and supported the goverment like a good citizen. Then the war came. He traded whith the Germans. Then, the "liberation" came and he traded whith the Patisans. His shops and warehouse were appropriated by the state, but he bribed his way through and became an executive director of a factory. However, he was spending too much money on whores at that time, so he was noticed, and they discovered he had been stealing huge ammounts of money from the factory. The factory was doing so well that they wouldn't have noticed otherwise. He was imrisoned. He was old and his health deteriorated. he was released for medical reasons and died shortly after that, in 1947, I think. My grandfather was a teenager during!
 WW2, and he went to highschool, which made him suspicious, although he was the leader of a local gang of kids in his hometown (now, city) of Cacak. He was arrested once by the Germans, when they were picking people off the streets in some sort of reprisal (100 Serbs for 1 dead German). His father went to the German officer in charge of the camp, where grandfather was brought, and he carried a bag. He came out whithout the bag and my grandfather was released 2 minutes after. My grandfather joined the partisans and the Communist Party of Yugoslavia in 1944, just after they had "liberated" everything a 100 kilometers around. By 1947 he became the party commisary of a brigade. However, it seems he disliked the job, because, when he was offered a promotion, he chose to be demobilised instead. Do I need to point out that he hadn't seen a glimpse of the fighting, while he was in the partisans? Anyway, grandfather went to Belgrade University and he  became an expert in artificial fer!
tilisers. He worked for a factory in Croatia mostly, but lived in Belgrade. All that time he was a spy of OZNA (later known as DB and JB and who knows what else). Actually, grandfather never admitted, but not everyone in the family waas so tight-liped. He still enjoys frequent mental tortures of his family members, whenever health allows him. He calls his wife a creten constantly and says that every word she says is idiotic. He loved putting me into humiliating situations when I was a kid. For exemple, he would take photographs of me when I cried. He would alwaysa mock my tears. He also liked going into debates. Whith him, arguments are null and all he cares about is defeating the enemy in the discusion. If anyone goes into a discussion whith him, hoping for an actual dialogue, that person is bound to be infuriated by his answers. He also likes insulting whatecer he thinks people value the most. He never does this to anyone, but family members. Caution thaught him that. I oppo!
sed his behaviour constantly. Does that make me less guilty for what he did? My aunt and her dughter didn't. The two of them are having great difficulties in life, for adopting some of grandfather's behavior. Are they guilty? His wife has suffered the most from him. She has been under constant torment for over 40 years. Her eyes show fear. Is she guilty?
Milosevic has ruined the lives of 10 million people. At least 2 million never did anything to openly opose him. Are they guilty? Are we all guilty cause we didn't stop him? 
I have been so insinuating as to the conclusions, that you may even draw them yourself.

Mihajlo Acimovic

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