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Syndicate: studios in Prag

The Linhart Foundation in Prague is announcing a competition for the use

of atelier
space located in the centre of Prague in Galerie No D (Dlouha 33, Praha
first floor above the experimantalni prostor Roxy).

Up to 500 m2 is available for the summer season to be used as an
workshop, performance hall for theatre groups with the possibility of
presenting the artist/s in an exhibition or performance format. It is
recommended that each interested artist comes and views the space for

Dates: July-August 1999
Candidates: painters, sculptors, multi-media artists, acoustic
theatre groups

All applications must include documentation of previous work a
of work that will be developed in the atelier.

Application deadline: July the 5th

Linhartova nadace
Kristof Kintera
Dlouhá 33
Praha ? 1
101 00

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