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Syndicate: At Home Abroad Press Release #1


Cesta presents At Home Abroad, August 19-23, 1999 in Tabor, Czech

'At Home' Abroad is CESTA's fifth arts festival of cross-national
interdisciplinary collaborations. The goal of the festival is to explore

and collect reflections on adopted cultures from Im/E/Migrants,
Refugees, Extra-legal and Resident Aliens, and Others making their homes

on foreign soil.

As world borders grow, change or disappear, the results are evident in
movement: here to there, near to far, inside to outside. This is not a
new occurrence, nor is it strange, yet foreigners remain strangers.
Through 'At Home' Abroad we will take a look at our societies from the
Other side by discussing and witnessing the experiences, rejections,
losses, gains and illusions of these social voyeurs, these uninvited
viewers. We will debate the placement of foreigners into
non-participatory social categories and offer their descriptions as
integral contributions to understanding our societies as a whole.
Through the process of collaboration the artists themselves will also
investigate the similarities and differences of their adopted cultures

The participants chosen for At Home Abroad are:

Ann Wizer (USA) installation
Coiner (D) music, spoken word

David fisher (GB) visual arts, music
Florian Liebestedter (A) visual arts, music
Oksana Filonets (UA) performance

Liz Conacher (GB) installation
B-Gene Company (NL) performance

Emile Rasheed (AUS) new media
Monica Schoenacker (Brazil) printmaking/ installation

Iain Cook (C) audio
Zid Theatre (NL) performance

Tudosok (H/ YU) music
Gabor Toth (H) music/ visual arts
Igor Lazin (YU) visual arts/ video
Walter Hollinetz (A) music

Latin Lover Naughty Nordic Inc. (NL) performance
Aleksandra Lopatic (YU) painting
Katarina Soukup (C) media arts

Sarajevo Drum Orchestra (BiH) music

Svetlana Blagojevic (YU) sculpture

Die Fabrikanten (A)  adventurer artists
Peter Arlt, Wolfgang Preisinger, Maren Richter, John Tylo

Viva Yazon (Phillipines) painting/ video
Thomas Belhom (F) music

At Home Abroad Festival is supported by Pro Helvetia East/West
Network, the Austrian Cultural Center in Prague, the City of Tabor.

More information about the At Home Abroad Festival can be found

Cesta (Cultural Exchange Station In Tabor) is an international non-
profit center established to foster cultural understanding and tolerance

through the arts. We are a laboratory for alternative forms of
cross-cultural communication. Since 1993, Cesta has concentrated its
efforts on international arts festivals, community projects, group
exchanges, residencies, and the development of an informational global
network for artists in all fields of artistic expression and cultural

Novakova 387, Tabor 39001, Czech Republic
tel: (420) 361 258 004
e-mail: <>

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