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Syndicate: SoundCreatures on the W

June 28, 1999

New Work "SoundCreatures on the Web"
open in the Internet on June 28!
check-> http://www.canon.co.jp/cast/

"SoundCreatures on the Web(SC Web)," a new work by Kouichirou Eto and
ARTLAB only in the Internet came out now! In this work plural users can
share the virtual space realtime to maneuver the sound exchanges by
"creatures." By sharing the same concept with the former work "Sound
Creatures"(at ARTLAB8, 1998) - a sound Installation linked to the
Internet, "SC Web" takes the advantage of the Internet to share the sound
environment at the same level for each user.

<further on the work>

 " ...There are folk songs among ethnic groups that start off without a
definite beginning. Someone starts to sing, and others gradually join in.
People can participate anytime and can quit anytime... In such a
communication style, the whole sound changes as the song seems to
go on forever. Is it possible to create such sound space using contemporary
information network?"  -- Kouichirou Eto

In October 1998 , Kouichiro Eto and ARTLAB co-produced "SoundCreatures."
In this work, three ways of operating sounds enabled the dynamic sound
development by simultaneous participation of net users, robots and visitors
at the installation site.

A new product based on the same sound concept is "SC Web," which is made
only for the Internet. In this work, each user is automatically linked to one
of the ten creatures moving around in the virtual space and can maneuver
the sound exchanges graphically on the screen.

The whole sound gradually spreads, as the creatures exchange sound patterns
and/or constituent parts when they collide. Besides the sound exchange,
"infection zones" appear at random in the field unexpectedly. The creatures
are affected by touching these zones. Thus the sound communication
generated by the creatures keeps changing the whole sound environment.

<on Kouichirou Eto>
Born in 1971,  graduated from Keio University graduate school(Masaki
Fujihata Lab). He created "JoyMechFight"(1993) for Nintendo in his
freshman year, "RealPanopticon" (1995) at "ICC-On the Web"(ICC),
involved in "WebHopper"(1996) for "sensorium"("sensorium" was awarded
the Golden Nica of Net. of Prix ArsElectronica97), and "WebHopper@AEC"
for the Ars Electronica Center. Other works include "RemotePiano"(1996,
1997) for "MPI x IPM" by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Toshio Iwai, "RemotePiano
installation" with Sakamoto and Iwai at ICC. He is a researcher of the
IMRF(International Media Research Foundation).

*In 1999, "SoundCreatures"(ARTLAB8) got the honrary mention at Prix Ars
Electronica of Interactive Art category and will be shown at Ars
Electronica "CyberArts99."

Yukiko Shikata, Canon ARTLAB
DK Bldg.5F, 7-18-23, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 Japan
Tel:+81-3-5410-3611 Fax:3615 http://www.canon.co.jp/cast/
-New work"SoundCreatures on the Web"(Kouichirou Eto) at CAST site!
-"IO_DENCIES"(KR+cF) in Austrian Pavillion, Venice Biennale
-"SoundCreatures" at Ars Electronica, Linz in September

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